Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pregnancy Update

I went to the doctor today and she said I am 75% and a little more than a fingertip... that's more progress in a week so that's good :) The Dr. also said that next time I came in she would make an appointment for me right after my due date (so like January 16th or so) to be induced. She said that if they make an appointment to be induced soon, baby girl would make an appearance on her own, but if they waited to make an appointment she would probably just chill in there forever :) That's the newest update... we'll see what happens in the next few days and at my appointment on Tuesday :)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

We had two Christmas's this year! We headed down to Buckeye on the 23rd (the day after my 4 hour joyous doctor appointment) and got there around noon. We went into town with Mom and Kati, did some last minute Christmas shopping, and headed back to the house. Everyone was there that night, except Dad (he had to work :() and we had the traditional Clam Chowder and we made really fun Rice Krispy Treat houses :) I wish I had pictures of what it looked like before we ate them, but it was really fun! I liked them better than ginger bread houses because who really likes to eat the gingerbread house? Not I! Then Cindy Carroll came over and we took some maternity pictures, Kyle got fired- he kept making me laugh. The family got Rock Band (it's funny how we're all grown up but Mom still said it was the family present) for an early Christmas present and we all played it all night, well not all night- only Kyle and Derek played all night, I think they went to bed at 3:30 and Chris crashed at 1:30- they are hard core rockers!

The next morning we pretended it was Christmas and opened the presents from each other. Dad was able to be there so that was really fun to have the entire family there together :) We had pancakes for a crowd (a really good breakfast casserole) and then we all just hung out all morning. We headed back to Holbrook at around noon and then the festivities here began!

At 6 we went over to Brian and Janes house for their annual Christmas Eve party, we had some very tasty Mexican Food and played some games. We watched a movie about Christ and had a little discussion on the true meaning of Christmas- and then the games began. First there was pin the carrot and button on the Snowman, then everyone else played Do You Love Your Neighbor? I sat out of that one, too much moving for me with this big belly :) Then the true Mexicans came out and we had a Pinata, all the little kids had a lot of fun with that- lots of candy and sugar to get them all hyped up! We headed back to Kyle's Mom's house after that and got ready for the next day!

Christmas morning I was the first one up, at 7!! There were kids here and everything and I was the first one up. Everyone else got up shortly after that because I thought they should be :) We opened up presents and ate breakfast and had a really relaxing Christmas- it was great! Kyle and I got a new digital camera from my parents which I'm really super excited about so I can take pictures of baby girl when she makes her arrival, Kyle got me a sewing machine so I can work on my homemaking skills :), we got games, a case for my cuttlebug dies, duffle bags, and probably one of my favorite gifts... MY OWN TOOL BOX!!! Yay! I told Kyle he's not allowed to use them, because he always looses his tools.

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

4 Hour Doctor Visit.. Not my idea of fun...

I got a text from my mom last night that said Update Your Blog! So I guess I should probably update...
I don't really have time to update about all our Christmas happenings quite yet so I'll clue you in on my oh so wonderful Doctors appointment last Monday :)

I talked Kyle into going down to the valley after our doctors appointment on Monday- the only problem was that the appt was scheduled from 4 and we were worried we wouldn't be able to get down the mountain before dark. (with ice and all that stuff it's just not very smart). So I called the dr office that morning and asked if there were any openings earlier, which there wasn't. We decided to go over there and just kinda see what happens...

So we first stopped at the hospital to pre-register and find out where to go or what to do when we got there for the real thing. That went over really well and we're all set for the big day with the hospital. By the time we got done it was about 2 and we decided we should just go over to the dr office because we didn't have anything else to do and we weren't going to drive back to Holbrook from Show Low just to turn around to come back. I walk into the office and sign-in, say hi to the lady at the front and I let her know I was here 2 hours early, but I didn't have anything else to do and I lived in Holbrook, so here I am! She laughed and said "okay, I'll put your chart in and we'll see if we can get you in." I'm good with that :)

2 hours later (it's now 4)... Kyle and I are still sitting... which I kind of expected because my appt wasn't till 4 anyway, so here we are, I should get called annnyyyy minute...

45 minutes later (it's 4:45)... They must be really busy today and just couldn't get me in. I look outside and it's snowing... I'm kinda upset because I thought we were going to get to go to the valley but it doesn't look like it anymore...

an hour later (5:45)... I'm still waiting... it's Kyle and I in the waiting room and a lady and her husband that are waiting from an ultrasound. The ladies in the front close their windows and I hear them say "we're done!".... Then I see a lady look at me, look at her paper, and look back and me and says really loud "Allison Gardner is STILL in the waiting room!! WHO put away her chart?!?!" THEY FORGOT ABOUT ME! Yeah- I was so mad. The lady came out and said "I'm so sorry, do you mind seeing the Nurse Practitioner because your doctor had to go to a delivery and someone put away your chart...." I started crying. I didn't want to be there, I had been waiting for 4 HOURS for them to call my name so that I could go see my family... they were very appologetic but I was still super sad. She asked if she could do anything for us and I let her know that I had been needing to pee for like 2 hours but I didn't know when I was going to get called so I didn't want to go, so whenever she could let me do that- it would be great. She went back right away and got me a cup... and left... so I was in the waiting room with a cup of pee just standing there waiting for her to come back... can you say awkward?!

15 minutes later (why it took 15 minutes when NO ONE was there, I had no idea) I finally got in... The nurse pract. told me that I was 50% and a fingertip so she wasn't going to put down that I was dilated at all. But she did say the babies head was right there and it wasn't bouncing at all, and that she would be very surprised if I went past 39 weeks. This Wednesday I go back in and that will be the big day to see if I'm just slowly progressing or if this baby will come earlier than the due date :)

That night I didn't sleep at all, I don't know why- but I swear I looked at the clock a billion times. At about 5:30 I woke Kyle up, I was soooo bored! We had breakfast and then at 7 we headed to the valley. It had snowed A LOT the night before and there were parts of the road that was so covered you couldn't even see the road at all.. but we made it safe. :) I'll post about Christmas after church...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Learn when to stop talking

I kind of yelled at someone yesterday...
Not too bad...
But she was being dumb...

Kyle and I decided to go to a convenient store for lunch...
I'm paying for our stuff
clerk- How far along are you?
me (with a very accomplished smile on my face)- almost 35 weeks!
clerk- Oh wow, so you still have a ways to go..
me (absolutely shocked that this lady just said I had a ways to go)- Don't tell me that! I have gone 35 weeks and I only have 5 left, 5 weeks is NOT a long way to go!
clerk- o. are you having a boy or a girl?
me (still kind of annoyed)- a girl.
clerk- wow- you look really big for a girl
me (where is this lady trying to go with me here?)- umm... I'm kind of a little person, she doesn't really have anywhere to go
clerk- I had 3 girls and I looked smaller than you
Me (really annoyed thinking, well you are a really big person!!!)- cool.

We walked out and Kyle asked me if I was a little emotional today... what do you think?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Baby Shower!

Wow what an eventful weekend we had! Friday after school Kyle and I left for the valley for our baby shower! We got there at about 8:30 and soon after Stormy and Shane came and hung out, it was so much fun to play like old times :) The next morning I think baby girl knew it was her baby shower day because she decided that at about 5 that morning she was ready to wake up, which meant I felt her in my ribs which made me not be able to sleep anymore... so after a few TV shows and a movie, everyone else woke up and we started to help my mom get ready for the day. She is so amazing, the shower turned out wonderful! Her and Whitney did an awesome job!

We had a really good turn out, baby girl is very much loved already and she isn't even here yet! We had about 30 people there and we were able to get everything that we needed for baby's arrival. It was very much appreciated and we are so grateful for everyone! We also had a "diaper drawing," you brought a package of diapers and got your name in a drawing for a prize. We got about 15 packages of diapers, with a very good variety of different sizes so that's really good! I wish we would have gotten a picture of the table, my mom came up with a little Christmas tree that was all decorated with baby girl ornaments, and a light pink table cloth with a runner that said "I love Grandma" in really cute different prints, it was so adorable! She did awesome!

While we were playing at the shower Dad and the boys (Kyle, Steven, and Derek) went out for pizza... my Dad told me that since they were giving me a shower they were going to give Kyle a bath :) Funny Funny Boys :)

Here are some pictures, I wish we would have gotten one with everyone that was there and the table, but I'm afraid we had too much stuff going on and we totally forgot :(

Here is Chelsey, Stormy, Me, and Whitney

The girls rubbing my belly for good luck :)

Talking to Grandma Bochat on the phone and starting to take things out of the bags to sort and really see what we got
We did however get a picture of the diapers!
Sunday morning Kyle and I left for Holbrook at about 7. We got to Holbrook just in time for my sunbeams class. Needless to say I was exhausted after such a busy weekend, went to bed early, and slept in this morning :) I have all the 0-3 month clothes washed and in baskets and I have baby girls diaper bag all packed for when we have to go to the hospital... we're ready! When we were loading the truck with all the stuff (it took the entire back of the truck to bring all the stuff we got from the shower) Kyle said "Okay Alli, we're ready, pop her out!" I wish it was that simple... :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Scentsy Party

I'm hosting an online Scentsy party...
"Scentsy?"- you may say
Oh yes... SCENTSY!
If you have never heard of Scentsy before, it's an awesome "wick-less candle". First you start off with a warmer, which you can keep forever, and you buy the scents to go with it. Unlike a candle, it doesn't have an open flame, it uses a 25 watt light bulb to heat up the wax and leaves your house smelling fabulous! The wax doesn't get hotter than body temperature, so you don't have to worry about getting burnt or anything. You can leave it on 24 hours a day if you would like, which means no worries if you have to run out the door and you accidently leave it on. The warmers come in all different styles and there are soo many different scents that you can get.

They make AWESOME Christmas presents (hint hint Kyle) and tis the season :)
If you live in Holbrook or around here I have samples of all the different scents so you can smell them and you can order directly from me. I also have a super cute warmer that you can look at and a plug-in warmer that goes directly into the wall like a night light.

If you don't live around here, you can order them online...
go to
then scroll down and on the bottom left hand corner click on "My Events"
A calendar will pop up click on Alli Gardner on the 29
THEN click shop for this event...
and last but not least.. ENJOY!

My party ends on November 29th, so you have two weeks from today!
Have fun!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's getting closer....

I'm freakin' out a little bit here.
I have about 9 more weeks- give or take- till we have the baby...
and I have nothing.
No- I take that back, I have really cute burp clothes, some clothes, some socks, a bed, and a changing table

OH and some super cute pacifier holders that my mom and Brooke Jenkins made that I'll have to take pictures of...
But other than that...

I had a dream last night that I had her, and she came out as like a 8 month old! I was freakin' out because the baby wanted to play and it was crawling all over the hospital floor and I didn't know what to do! I didn't have diapers and it needed a diaper change, I didn't have any clothes and it needed new clothes on. I didn't know what to do!
Yesterday I told Kyle that I feel like I need to some how get prepared for the baby because I feel like I have nothing prepared. But then again I was thinking- and I don't even feel like I know how to prepare for a baby! I've never had one before! lol. I hope I'm just going through a "CRAP! What do I do?!" phase and it will pass... but I feel like January 15th is getting closer and closer... oh wait... IT IS GETTING CLOSER AND CLOSER!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

YAY for Alli!!

The picture above shows exactly the excitement that is going on inside of me!! Yay! I FINALLY passed Biology!! This may sound like a simple thing to most of you, but it was NOT for me. After 3 semesters of Biology, I am finally done! Which means I can FINALLY get my associates degree!! What a relief!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Doggy Bag

Here is a picture of our "doggy bag" that Alli was talking about in her last post.

Poor Zeus he looks a little rough haha

Thanks Mike

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Mom is like... A-Mazing!

Wow what a busy weekend we had! Kyle got Friday off so that we could go down to the valley to attend Jason and Emily's wedding (his nephew), that was really cool like always. We had Zeus with us because we couldn't leave him at home because no one was there... so we stuck him in his purse and handed him off to Kyle's other nephews to stand outside with him while we attending the sealing :) Then we went over to Old Country Buffet and took Zeus in the purse... we were doing really good hiding him until the waitress eyed me putting food in my purse :) She was cool though and didn't say anything to us :) Then we took off to Buckeye and hung out with my mom and went to her recipe card class... and that's about it on Friday

Saturday we took a little trip down to Tucson to see Chris, Kati, and the boys... My parents recently got a new TV so Chris got their old one and he was so super excited about it. We were a little nervous though because on our way down there it fell over in the back of the truck.. ooops... but when Chris turned it on and said "Cool- it works!" Mom Kyle and I were really relieved, we hadn't told Chris that it fell over until after it started working. The boys are getting so big- Nathan will be a year next month and man the time flies by! He's so big! Kati is like the most amazing sister-in-law ever and gave me a kit that she had made up to make a quiet book with. There were actually two, a bible stories one and the one that I have pictures further down in this post. Mom and I got to work on them when we got home and didn't stop until we finished the fun stuff one. The bible one will take a little bit more work so that's not finished yet...

Check out how AMAZING my mom is though and how absoutely good they look! I would like to take credit and say I made it- but my mom would just come up with the cutest ideas and I would say "OK!" and she would make it happen :) I did cut stuff out and iron stuff, and all the sewing and cuteness was from her :) My favorite page is the trains- I love it!

This is the front...

First page- the cat is fuzzy and you can tie and untie the bow

The flowers come off of the buttons, and the lady bug zips and has the baby lady bugs in it
I think this one is self explanatory...

This is mom's purse and a clock... i need to put little things in the purse still.. and the clock hands move

The shoe ties... and you have to match the shapes with the corresponding shape and color... as you can see with the orange diamond...

This one is my favorite! I love how it looks! You can fill the yellow and red cars and you count the buttons.. I think it looks so cute!
This one i think might be my mom's favorite- the bear is a minky fabric- super super soft and the pillow on the bed is minky too- you put the bear inside the bed.. I love it!
See! Isn't my mom AMAZING?! I KNOW!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sirius Radio

So "the other day" I was riding with someone who had satellite radio in their car and I was hooked. Ever since then i have caught myself looking for deals on just the receivers or how much a month subscription is, you know all the things you do before you start to bug your wife about how much we "need" it :)

So last Sunday Uncle Glenn shows up and asks what i know about Satellite radio because he just rode in his sons car and he had it and was hooked. So within a few minutes we had ordered him one online.

Saturday when he cam over so that I could install it I had to "try it out" in my car :) you know so that we he showed up I could make sure I could do it. Well that was the final straw I took Alli for a ride with it and we were both hooked :)

Now we are both wating for our new radios to come in later this week haha and to top it off Brian came over today and uncle Glenn made him go listen to it in his truck and he ended up ordering him on too.

So now I wait like a kid on christmas eve for my new Sirius Radio to come in :) I'll let you know how it goes.
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What's a compliment?!

I haven't figured out what a compliment is when your pregnant. I feel like I'm huge. I do. I know that I'm going to get a lot bigger as the weeks go by, but I've been growing for 6 months now- give me some credit here! At church, people ask how far along I am and I say 24 weeks, or they ask when I'm due and I say "Around January 15th"... and I get the same answer with everyone "WOW! Are you kidding me?! You're hardly showing at all. I would have never guessed that!" But then again I was in the kitchen and Kyle says "Man Alli- you look huge" (Side note: I had just gotten done telling him that it bugs me when people tell me I look tiny, so he was trying to make me feel better, but it definitely didn't work)
Then I look at pictures and I'm like.. ya I don't look very big, but I feel big. That's why I haven't posted pictures, I just don't feel like there is much to show :( But none of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit. none. which is understandable because I'm pregnant!

So what's a compliment?! I'm 6 months pregnant and you're telling me I don't look big, okay so do I just ALWAYS look this fat or something?!

I guess with a pregnant-hormonal-emotional women nothing is a compliment. Or maybe that's just a normal woman too...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baby Bows and Bugs!

Two weekends ago when we were down in Tempe,Kyle had a leadership conference thing at ASU so we took 8 of his kids and did that, and then went to an ASU game that night- it was a lot of fun! Anyway- a leadership conference didn't sound too appealing to me, so my mom and Jolene met up with us and picked me up and we went shopping :) We went to Ribbons and Lace in Mesa first to find some ribbon to I can make some baby girl bows. We were walking around and we noticed these two garbage bags full of ribbon, we looked at them and said MAN that's a lot of ribbon, and just kind of went on our way. A little later I started getting bored (I'm not a good shopper, I get tired of a store REALLY fast- Kyle likes that about me though I think) so I went back to check out these bags full of ribbon. It wasn't just ribbon- it was much much more! There were elastic for headbands, already made bows, halfway made bows, big flowers to make bows with, and much much more! I picked it up and said "I think I'm going to get this" and Jolene looked at it and said "well- i think I'm going to have to get the other one!" They were only $20!! That was super exciting. It was a bunch of scrap pieces that they can't sell because they've already been cut, but there were certainly enough yardage on some to make bows, and others we can find something else to do with. But seriously, it was a killer deal.

I spent this last weekend in Buckeye with my mom. We had so much fun! We were looking online for bow making instructions because I wanted to do different kind of bows then the ones I had been making, and this is what we found! The first thing we made were these adorable bug bows! I took pictures with the outfits that I thought they should go with....

The first is bumble bees... the shirt says "cute as a bug"

These are the butterflies... the shirts themselves have the matching colors of butterflies on them, we thought they matched pretty well :) And these will all go on headbands.. I'm doubting baby girl will have much hair :)

And this is probably my personal favorite.. the lady bugs!!! We actually didn't have this skirt the night we made the bugs, we found it the next day at Babies R Us and I just had to have it- it was on sale and it matched the lady bug with the white dots.. I LOVE it!

This one is the cork screw- they are sooo dang easy to make- and really fun too! I love this outfit too.. yay I'm so excited!
This bow was a little bit more complicated, but it was easier when we figured out what we were doing :)
And this one is a tinier bow because this is a newborn outfit, we figured they usually have tinier heads :) It might be one of my favorites too.
I should probably do a little pregnancy update too for the whole "journaling purpose" or what not :) Lately I have been feeling great! I'm completely past being sick which is AMAZING. I feel her moving around soo much, she usually is pretty active in the morning and then usually feel her a little through out the day, mostly depending on what I'm doing- if I'm busy at the school I don't really feel her that much, but it's probably because I'm not thinking about it.. and then I feel her a lot in the evenings. It's so cool to me that there is a little person in there! :) We haven't decided on a name- I don't think we will until we meet her. We have about 5 names between Kyle and I that we really like- but my favorite isn't his and his isn't mine :) It'll work out though I'm sure. I'm still totally happy with my Dr. he is such a nice guy! His office is sometimes really hectic, but what do you expect with all these pregnant ladies right?! :)

Everything else is pretty much the same around here.. Kyle and I see eachother on Monday nights and Friday nights (when the HS doesn't have a football game) and sometimes Saturdays.. but that's about all.. busy busy. Life is good.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Pictures to come! And tellers that can't read...

SOON! I promise, soon (later tonight) I will post pictures of some of my bows, my diaper bag, the baby, and some of my growing belly! I just need Kyle to get home with the camera... in the mean time... I'm going to share a story...

I had a check that I needed to deposit in our account but it was in Kyle's name, not mine. So I just wrote Deposit only on the back and gave them my debit card so they could get the account number. I pulled into the drive through and sent my stuff in. What I got back was my check cashed and my card. First of all, I wrote DEPOSIT ONLY on the back of my check, second of all- it wasn't in my name so why did she give me cash for it? and third of all, if you get cash back you are supposed to show them ID to verify you are the person on the card and on the check. NONE of these things were done, so I went into the Wells Fargo and I told the teller what had happened. I gave her the money and told her if I wanted CASH I would have asked for cash, but I wanted it DEPOSITED and that's why I said Deposit only! Ugh. Anyway- they made me frustrated. I would have rather them say that I couldn't deposit it because kyle didn't put it in my name then just cash it when it's not signed or anything. Ugh. Dumb tellers.

Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm getting so excited to be a mom! I know I have a little while more to go, but I seriously can't believe that I'm half way done. I'm so happy that I'm not sick anymore and that I can just enjoy being pregnant right now. I've been feeling her kick a lot more lately, mostly in the late afternoon and right before I go to bed. Not so much in the morning, but as I get bigger I'll probably notice more of a trend. I totally felt her move like all the way across my tummy though, that was really cool! She seriously was at one side of my tummy and completely just moved to the other side, sooo weird!

We have a few names that we've picked out that we like, but we don't think we'll name her till we meet her. So for now we just call her baby, her, or she ha ha. I bought a really cute diaper bag when I went to Show Low for my last appointment. I thought it was cheap for 20 dollars and when I went to the register it was only 15, score! My sister-in-law Kati taught we how to make bows! I'm so excited! We were all down in Buckeye for my Dad's birthday and Kati brought some supplies to show me how. Now I have like 10 of them, I'm definitely going to need to take my bows with me when we go baby clothes shopping ha ha.

Well there was a little up-date. Life is just moving right along.
Love you All!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We had another ultrasound and it's still a girl, which is a relief that we don't have to take a bunch of baby girl stuff back now :) I've gained 4 lbs so far... which doesn't sound like enough to me but the doctor said because I was sick for my first trimester it doesn't worry him, so that's good. I definitely have my appetite back and this part of being pregnant is much better than the first 12 weeks. I've started to feel her move, mostly at night... sometimes during the day when I'm watching TV or something but not too much. At the ultrasound she was sleeping, the ultrasound tech kept like shoving the thing into my tummy to try and wake up her and she opened her eyes, flipped off the camera, and went back to sleep :) Not really, but we have a picture where it really looks like she's flippin us off- I'll have to post them when Kyle gets home, I don't know how to work his mom's scanner...

School started last week, I wasn't aware of that though so to me it starts this week :) My NPC class started last night, so I figured my NAU class would start the same time, and everywhere I looked for my class it said Aug 25, which was Monday so I figured it would start this Thursday right?!.. Wrong. She didn't change her syllabus dates from last semester, so i missed our first class. I don't feel like it was my fault though- I just read the dates she gave us! But whateve, just another thing to add to my "Why School Hates Me" list. I'm taking a sign language course from NPC and we found out that if 4 more people don't enroll by Friday then it's going to be cancelled. yes- we get our money back, but it's just one more class that I would have to do with a baby- I would just rather get it done now. Hm- I hope it all turns out fine.

My Mom and Whitney came for the ultrasound, it was so fun having them here. They drove up on Sunday after church and we spent Sunday night making baby girl burp rags. They are so stinkin' adorable. I have so many little crafts for the baby that I want to do- I'm so excited. They turned out so cute and I feel like we did a really good job with using different colors and not just pink :) Thanks Mom and Whitney! You guys ROCK!

Here's a picture of whitney and the baby :) The belly I have so far, not very big, but I'm starting to show so that's exciting!

A cute pic of me and whitney :) Click on them to make them bigger so you can see the rags better if you would like ;)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm procrastinating...

Thank you for the tag Alicia! I was running out of excuses not to start on my Biology Essays :)

Four Places I've Lived:
1. In Joseph City. That's right, that's where my roots began. We lived there for my whole first year of life :)
2. The Sunora house. That was probably my favorite house. I tell Kyle if we ever build a house and have lots and lots of $ I want to build that house again for us to live in
3. In Mesa, like 3 different apartments.
4. In Holbrook.

Four Favorite Books:
1. Harry Potter... cliche I know, but I loved them :)
2. Twlight and Eclipse... I would say the other two, but those weren't my favorite..
3. The Face... it was the first book I ever read by myself (willingly) it's a murder mystery
4. Man oh man... I'll go with... Green Eggs and Ham

Four Favorite Movies:
1. Remember the Titans. There was a time in HS where I literally watched this movie several times every Sunday. I had the entire movie memorized. Beginning to end. Even the songs. I love it.
2. The Lion King
3. Aladdin
4. Um, right now.. Stick It. so funny.

Four Embarrassing Facts About Me:
1. I drooled all over the arm of my very first boyfriend when I was 14... nice.. i know.
2. In 6th grade we were playing Red Rover and I was called... I hauled butt to the other line of linked armed 6th graders and I was clothes-lined. My feet flew over my head and I landed flat on my back. When I opened my eyes I had about 10 of my fellow students staring at me in a circle. Totally something you would see on a movie.
3. In 7th grade a roach crawled across the floor right under my desk and i jumped up and asked if cockroaches bite. The whole class laughed at me. I felt so dumb.
4. In HS we were at swim team and everyone one was done and I was swimming into the wall and popped my head up and said "I smell... DUCKIE" (from the land before time) and everyone stared at me like I was crazy. Stormy looked at me in horror and quickly saved me by fake laughing and then saying "Inside Joke!". We both started laughing hysterically. Now it really is an inside joke :)

Four Dreams of Mine:
1. To have everything scrapbooked from New York...
2. Own my own house that I can paint :)
3. Have a golden retriever to be friends with Zeus
4. To go back to New York and see like 10 broadway shows

Four Pet Peeves:
1. when there is like 3 seconds left on the microwave and someone opens it and leaves the 3 seconds on there. JUST WAIT 3 SECONDS FOR PETE'S SAKE
2. Leaving cabinet doors open
3. LAME excuses. I don't mind excuses, but lame ones (those ones that someone says then you think about them later and you're like.. you did not really try that excuse did you?!) are dumb
4. bills.

Four things that make me Really Happy:
1. Seeing my mom
2. After I do a craft and it turns out cuter than I thought it woul dbe.
3. That I'm going to be a mom in like.. 22 weeks (approximately)
4. Getting a really tough assignment done and getting a good grade

Four people I tag:
1. Kati
2. Tara
3. Meghan
4. Stephanie!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


About two months ago our family (chris&Kati, steven&meghan, and mom&dad) had planned a trip to go to San Diego for a few days and hit the beach. Some of us were going to go to Sea World and some weren't.. some of us were staying at this place and some were staying at another... so about 2 weeks before we were supposed to go we all decided to go camping instead. It would be much less stressful, more time together, and much less gas money :)
So we called all our extended family on my mom's side and got the whole gang together and went camping. We had so many of us there! To some of you it might not sound like a lot, but to a small family it does! I think the end count was like 27 kids and adults.
The ride up there was only supposed to take us 1 hour and 45 minutes.....
We got on the road and about 30 miles outside of flag the tread on one of the tires came off. So here we are going like 15 miles an hour down the side of the freeway.... it seriously took us like an hour to get 15 miles (that's what 15 miles an hour means i guess huh?) well after about an hour and a half we got to a little tire place in Winona (which is just outside flag) and he fixed our tire almost immediately.
We knew my parents would be getting to Flagstaff sometime soon so we went to Best Buy and had to buy Kyle a charger for his computer ($89 for a CHARGER!!) and then I wanted to go see if Old Navy had any baby clothes on sale so we went and bought our little one 2 adorable outfits!!
Then we found out my parents were having car trouble also and probably wouldn't be in Flag for who knew how long, so we decided to go to Wendy's and get something to eat... so we drive through and just pull into the parking stop right in front of the drivethrough so kyle didn't have to eat while he drove. I got half of my sandwich down and my stomach didn't like it very much. I opened the door as fast as I could so i didn't pew all over the car and everything just started coming out. I felt really bad for all the people in the drivethrough line watching me throw up all the food that they were about to eat.... :(
Anyway- my parents made it faster than we thought and we met up with them at Sam's Club, got the last few camping essentials and were off to the campsite. From the time we left our house to the campsite it was about 5 hours...
Through out the weekend we had people coming and going but we had so much fun with whoever was there at the time. There is just something calming to me about the forest and not having to be on a schedule. I think I looked at a clock like twice in 4 days. If we were hungry, we ate. If we were tired, we slept. I didn't bring my cell phone so I didn't get anyone calling me- it was just... nice!
And there's just something about a campfire... every night we would come to the campfire and share stories and talk.. not necessarily about something important, we just all talked and enjoyed each others company.
When I was little we used to go camping like 3 or 4 times a year, and I loved it! I really hope our family will start going more, I guess we just have to start planning it more because I really want my kids to enjoy that in their childhood.

I'm a bum and completely forgot my camera, but Kati and Meghan were both there taking pics and they should have some up soon so I'll steal some from them :)

Rio Rocks

Update on Bio Test!

So my teacher can't open it up to me again because I submitted it... BUT she did change the grade to reflect the answers I had and how many were right, so my grade isn't a D anymore. I am soo very grateful because my last teacher wouldn't have batted an eyelash to change anything and she did.. so yay!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Just let me move on...

Have you had that one thing in your life that it seems just can't go right? No matter how hard or how long you possibly try, you just fail every time?! It has to be one of the most frustrating things I've had in my life so far. This may sound pathetic, but it's true. Biology and I just don't like each other. There's just something about me that makes Biology say "nope, she can't move on."

I had a "take-home" test in my Biology course, which means it's an online test and you get to use your book and notes and what not. I had taken half the test and decided I needed to save it so I didn't lose anything. I scrolled down to the bottom of the page, and found the "save" button right next to the "submit" button. I concentrated VERY hard to hit the "save" button because I didn't want to screw this up. Somehow, I apparently pressed submit. I got a 92 out of 200 on my test. Since I only answered half the questions, it makes me think if I would have done the entire test I would have gotten a pretty decent score. My grade went from a 92% to a 62%. I sent an e-mail to my teacher asking if there was anything I could do, but there's been no response yet.

I have never had this much trouble with a course before, and it's a 100 level course. I just don't know what to do anymore. It really seems like I just can't win. Ugh- I have to go do a lab report now, for here on out I have to do VERY well on my tests and labs so I can pass...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

FINALLY Open! and Happy Birthday Whitney!

Yay! The Joseph City Pool is FINALLY open! Although it is not completely ready (the diving board didn't get installed right and some other thing that I don't understand) they said to just open the pool. It has definitely been LONG over due that's FOR SURE! I was told we would open it in the being of June, the the 4th of July, and it opened yesterday- which was July 29th... definitely long over due. Anyway- it was tons of fun to go swimming yesterday, I miss the water. The other thing that stinks though is the boilers are also not working- and the water is a bit on the chilly side. I had tons of little kids that I told to go outside and get warm because their lips were getting blue... not good.. ha ha. Anyway- I'm still excited.

It was kind of a bummer living up here and her being down there cuz I couldn't do anything for her- oh well, we'll have our chance before she leaves on her mission. Aw I'm gonna miss her.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

We're having a....

Today we had our first real ultrasound. It was the coolest thing to see this baby moving around and to know that it was actually happening inside of me! At first the baby has it's legs crossed so the technician was a little worried we wouldn't find out what the sex of it was, but later on we got a really good shot and she told us she is pretty certain that it's a... girl! The way she described it was we were looking at the baby's butt like it was sitting on a glass table and we were looking from underneath the table, and she also said that she could see it's parts pretty good and there wasn't any boy parts there. She also showed us these 3 lines she saw, and she said that girls have those 3 lines and boys don't- they have other parts :) She also said she has only been wrong 2 times in 4 years, so I really think we're having a girl! She said she would wait till next time to make it "offical", but she started calling the baby "she" instead of "it" or "baby", so I'm pretty sure she was just making sure to save her reputation :) Gosh it was so cool, I can't even describe it!
When we walked into the appointment the technician scared me a bit because she said "So the reason we're here a little earlier than usual is because their having a little trouble finding the heartbeat- correct?" and I kind of looked at Kyle and was like "um- they never told me that" and I laid down or what not and she picked up the heartbeat almost right away and said it sounded nice and strong and even and didn't look like anything was wrong... Well Kyle and I were talking later in the car, and we remember last dr appointment, he showed us the heartbeat on a portable ultrasound thing... so we kind of think that the dr said he couldn't find one so we could get another ultrasound in- when I went in for my very first appointment he said he was going to keep a really close eye on the baby because of the miscarriage- so we wonder if this is kind of what he's talking about :) We are also having another ultrasound next time I go in- and that one will be when everyone else usually finds out what their having, so we were pretty lucky to find out this time :)
The baby kept waving at us and stretching out.. showing us her fingers and all kinds of stuff.. it was so fun! My Mom and my best friends Mom Jolene were up here helping us pack up our house and they were able to go with us to the ultrasound with us so that was really fun to have them there!! I was so sad because they tape we brought wouldn't work in their ultrasound machine, but she told us next time to bring a CD and a video and maybe one will work... so we'll try that out :)
After the appointment we went and saw The Dark Knight and we really liked it! It was weird to me how the Joker was kind of a likable guy even though he was the villian.. he definitely made me laugh a few times. I really liked the movie a lot :) After that we went to Wal-Mart because I wanted to buy a baby thing :) I bought 4 little girl outfits and a pair of shoes that has a matching headband with it.. and my mom bought some little things too.... I'm so stinking excited. That's probably why I keep putting smiley faces :) It seems so much more real now to like watch it move around and see it's fingers and stuff... Kyle is a bit more nervous now... he told me now instead of just worrying about his own boy he has to worry about every other boy out there :)

Anyway- Here are some pictures :)

This one she kind of looks like she's eating an ice cream cone or something :) Her hand is up by her face
This one is probably my favorite- you can see her little arms and she two hands and her legs.. aww!

She's not shy- she's waving to everyone! :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Kyle

Happy 27th Birthday Kyle!!!!

On Sunday we were at my parents house and we had home-made (made by my mom, which doesn't happen often so it was extra good!) chocolate cake and played some games. Then yesterday my mom and I went shopping for a Magic Bullet that we gave him (he's obsessed with the info-mercial on it, check it out) and then we headed over to Laveen and went birthday shopping with his mom and he got the game Apples to Apples and an ice chest. Today (his actual birthday) we have been packing (mostly him though) and right now we're just chillin, it's raining really hard outside so looks like a game and maybe a movie or something is in store for us :)

Shout for Joy!

This may sound like kind of a funny thing to post about- but I'm so grateful for teachers!!
With this whole Biology class thing I've been going through, I'm so excited for Rio Salado College and that they actually have a Biology TEACHER! I turned in a lab report, and she actually like told me the good things and bad things about my lab report, I was really excited for her to tell me what I could have changed in my experiment to make it better, which I couldn't have been more excited for! My last bio class the teacher wasn't involved with us at all, and I'm just so happy that I finally have a teacher!!! yay!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Moving Time

It looks like we're going to be moving out of our little yellow house in Holbrook. We're going to move in with Kyle's mom to save up for a nice down payment on a house for where ever we end up next year (Holbrook, Joe City, the Valley, where ever). And our house smells weird... I don't know how to explain it but every room smells different and it's just weird.. and I can't take it any more. It seriously makes me sick to my stomach to be there, so we're doing something about it :)
We're getting the good end of the deal, with a baby coming in January- and Zeus, I'm not sure Marie knows what she's getting into :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

4th of July, and then some!

I have been threatened a few times with my life if I don't update so here we go! :)

I don't even remember what we've been up to so I'll just start with 4th of July and see what I can think of :).

We spent the 4th with Kyle's family up here in Joseph City and in Holbrook. That morning we went over to Joe City and walked around their little "quarter carnival" and hung out with people that we saw there... Then we came back to Holbrook and hung out a little with Kellie & karl and Kathleen & David- and of course, their kids and Zeus :)
Marie had this dead tree in the front yard so Kyle and karl decided it was time that it was taken down... So they tied the top of the tree to the back of Kyle's truck (So if it started going toward the house they could pull it away from it) and Karl was on a ladder with a chain saw. I seriously thought the tree was going to land on the house, but the boys knew what they were doing (that's still a little hard to admit) and they took down the tree with no injuries :)
After that adventure we all headed back to Joe City for a b-b-q at Kyle's brothers house. It was so gorgeous outside, not hot at all. There was a slight breeze and everything ::you can be jealous it's ok:: and we had hamburgers and all that jazz. Then we headed over to the Holbrook fireworks.... they were pretty good, it was a really long show and we were super close so I had to lay down in the back of the truck to even see them. We thought Marie's car was going to catch on fire, that was interesting :) They had a ground display going and one of the sparks got taken away and landed on her car- it was fine but it was a little scarey.
The 5th, we went to "The badlands" and had a bonfire with the tree that they chopped down the day before. We set off fireworks and everything.. we know... it's illegal... but there was a police officer there with us, and it was his son that was doing it... so we figured we were alright :)

My friend Whitney got her mission call! yay! She's going to Argentina... I can't remember the exact mission (you know I still love you Whitney) and she couldn't be more excited! We went down to the valley and went to the Temple with her for her first time, that was really fun and exciting to finally have a friend go through! We went to dinner afterward and Steven and Meghan met everyone there so that was really fun.

At my last doctors appointment we got to have a ultrasound and the doctor said the baby is measuring exactly how it should be and that everything looked perfect, so that's really good! I'm pretty sure I'm over being sick... ::knock on wood:: for about a month and a half I couldn't eat hardly anything.. lost weight and all that jazz, but the Doctor gave me some really nice meds and since then I've been able to eat stuff! yay for food! :)
Next time we go in we get another ultrasound and we get to hopefully find out what our baby is! We're hoping it's a human baby and not like a puppy or something ha ha just kidding... we know it's a baby... but a boy or a girl :)

The other night Kyle and I slept on the trampoline.. it was really fun! It was kinda cold toward the middle of the night, and I have seriously 7 bug bites on the side of my face that wasn't on the pillow.. but I liked sleepin outside!! I figured we better have all the fun like that we can right now before we can't do it anymore :)

Well- that's all I got, I hope it was enough entertainment for a few minutes Jody :) love you!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Crazy Weekend

This last weekend was a pretty eventful one :) It was Saturday and I had just gotten back from Buckeye the day before (I spent 2 weeks there hanging out with my mom which was like always, tons of fun) and I was feeling really icky... I hadn't been able to keep anything down for the 2 weeks I had been in B-town... and Kyle had a DJ gig that night and I decided I was just going to stay home while he went... Well, I love to was WEtv and all day long it had been 48 hours on WE and they were all about mystery murders and all that fun stuff, and right before Kyle needed to leave the power went out. I don't know about you guys, but I HATE the dark- especially by myself, and especially after I just watched murder mysteries all day long :) So we went up to Kyle's mom house to see if her power was out too- and sure enough, it was.
So we contemplated me just going with Kyle to his gig, but I had just taken a shower and there was no power so I couldn't get ready- and I knew these people so I didn't want to go looking like a wet dog :) Anyway- so we headed off to Flagstaff, got a hotel room, and Kyle went to Camp Verde for his gig and Zeus and I stayed in the hotel room and watched ABC Family movies the rest of the night. The next morning we woke up pretty early and went to church... it was quite an adventure- Zeus isn't exactly supposed to be in the hotel room, so that was fun stuffing him in the computer back and running to the hotel room and scolding him when he wanted so bad to bark at whoever he could hear walking past our room.. but it turned out for the best I guess :)

Other than that- Nothing is happening here. I was supposed to start the pool in June, then July 4th... than maybe the 5th or 6th... and now I'm hearing somewhere toward the middle of July... so whatever.

I hope everyone is doing awesome and having a fun summer! I hear all about how hot it is in the valley and it's amazing here :) A little on the warm side during the day, but cools off to about 50 at night... it's pretty sweet :) Love you all~

Monday, June 9, 2008

I Love A Good Villan

TDK Wallpaper IIImage by Morning Magician via Flickr Good Villian, isn't that an oxymoron?

Have you seen the previews for the new Batman movie? Who do you think of first Batman (Christian Bale)? Or that dirty clown painted face of the Joker (Heath Ledger) that haunts you long after the image is gone?

I bet you like it more than you think you do. Lets put it this way would you rather see the hero take down the kid who steals a pack of gum from the corner thrift store, or Batman take down the the Evil Joker who kills without a second thought?

Me too.

In Theaters July 18, 2008

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Generation Entilement

Image by dbking via FlickrThe first time I ever hear the term "Entitlement Generation" was as a college student at MCC. I was in Dr. Glenn Bennett's A Capella Choir and we just weren't getting the results he expected out of us and it was clear that it wasn't due to a lack of talent but rather a lack of effort. Finally he reached his boiling point and proceeded to explain to the class what was wrong with our generation.

You act like everything is just owed you and that you don't have to earn anything yourself he explained. You have been spoon fed since you were babies and now you think everyone is just going to continue to pamper and baby you. He continued for some time driving home his point and to be honest I don't remember many changes in the class after that day.

I agree my generation has earned the Entitlement reputation. I will not deny it but i'm not one to let things rest that easy. I believe it goes farther than just my generation. Also, I don't believe that my genration just woke up one day and decided to feel this way. So who's fault is it?

Did you catch that? It was that easy, I assumed it wasn't my fault and there must be some external force, forcing me to be who I am.

As I have seen the Presidential Election play out I seem to see a lot of finger pointing. I don't see solutions. Is that not the essence of entitlement?

Whoever the next President is going to be is going to have a tough time making changes as long as we keep trying to live in our little bubble pretending every little thing that happens to us is someone else's fault.

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Future of the Internet - Part 1

The Future of the Internet - Part 1
Disclaimer: This is just my ramblings it helped me get it straight in my own mind. Read it or don't agree or don't but either way comment I would like to see what people think.

What do Wikinomics, The Wisdom of Crowds and The Tipping Point all have in comon? Three different books by three different authors.

Today as I was reading in Time Magazine this picture grabbed my attention right off the bat with an article entitled "Who Will Rule the New Internet?".

Google, facebook and Apple three of my favorite internet platforms. All three I use daily and I am willing to bet there are many of you that do too. If you don't you should.

What I found most interesting was while the article proposed to determine who is the leader in the "Internet Revolution" it really seemed to be more a question of who is leading the "Social Internet".

This made me realize that this is what the internet is in reality fast becoming, though not even in the way I would have first thought. We are being used by companies to, as Malcom Gladwell puts it in his book, be connectors and mavens not unlike Paul Revere but as advertisers for companies.

First lets explore these three books one at a time.

Wikinomics by Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams
The word "wiki" means "quick" in Hawaiian, and here author and think tank CEO Tapscott (The Naked Corporation), along with research director Williams, paint in vibrant colors the quickly changing world of Internet togetherness, also known as mass or global collaboration, and what those changes mean for business and technology. Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia written, compiled, edited and re-edited by "ordinary people" is the most ubiquitous example, and its history makes remarkable reading. Methods for exploiting the power of collaborative production are outlined throughout, an alluring compendium of ways to throw open previously guarded intellectual property and to invite in previously unavailable ideas that hide within the populace at large. This clear and meticulously researched primer gives business leaders big leg up on mass collaboration possibilities; as such, it makes a fine next-step companion piece to James Surowiecki's 2004 bestseller The Wisdom of Crowds.

The Wisdom of Cowds by James Surowiecki
While our culture generally trusts experts and distrusts the wisdom of the masses, New Yorker business columnist Surowiecki argues that "under the right circumstances, groups are remarkably intelligent, and are often smarter than the smartest people in them." If four basic conditions are met, a crowd's "collective intelligence" will produce better outcomes than a small group of experts, Surowiecki says, even if members of the crowd don't know all the facts or choose, individually, to act irrationally. "Wise crowds" need (1) diversity of opinion; (2) independence of members from one another; (3) decentralization; and (4) a good method for aggregating opinions. The diversity brings in different information; independence keeps people from being swayed by a single opinion leader; people's errors balance each other out; and including all opinions guarantees that the results are "smarter" than if a single expert had been in charge.

So the way I see it companies are able to harness a free workforce that is smarter and more effecient than anyone or team they could have hired even with the best resources like say... Microsoft. You see where I am going with this yet?

Look at companies like Mozzilla, which produces firefox a completely free and open sourced web browser. If you are not already using it I recommend you give it a try. Version 3 is out today and expected to break the world record for downloads in one day.

Both facebook and Google have very open sourced platforms which allow others to write applications for them and then let anyone on their network use them free of charge. And just in the last couple of weeks both have taken steps to become even more "open".

Apple is not so "open" in fact they might be the opposite of open which is one reason why it has taken them so long to become such a house hold item. When personal computers were first becoming truly personal and affordable Apple only allowed their own software to be used on their systems while the rest of the industry was built around a shared standard. Open if you will. This could prove to be their down fall once more or prove to be smart because they can better control the quality of there product or even programs that run on their products.

Yet all three are I believe are using and working to exploit even more efficiently the principal found in "The Tipping Point". Advertising

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell
Little changes can have big effects; when small numbers of people start behaving differently, that behavior can ripple outward until a critical mass or "tipping point" is reached, changing the world. Gladwell's thesis that ideas, products, messages and behaviors "spread just like viruses do" remains a metaphor as he follows the growth of "word-of-mouth epidemics" triggered with the help of three pivotal types. These are Connectors, sociable personalities who bring people together; Mavens, who like to pass along knowledge; and Salesmen, adept at persuading the unenlightened. (Paul Revere, for example, was a Maven and a Connector).

The Apple Ipod was the Tipping Point for Apple, it allowed millions of people and maybe even more importantly youth (Connectors and Mavens) and that was it they are now becoming the preferred producer of Computers, Music Players and even Cell Phones. Also why I believe they market so heavily to college age students, get em while they are young. Ask anyone who knows me and I have probably tried to sell them on Mac.

Just think how many companes out there are trying to find this tipping point.

Thats where Google and facebook come in. Both completely free products but as we have all learned there is no such thing as a free lunch. The owners of Google and facebook are both literally multi-billionaires. How did they manage that with a free product?

Captive Audience.

If they can keep us on their sites we are a captive audience ready to be bombarded with advertisements. If they can take it a step further and know what it is we are intrested in by say ready our emails ad seeing what we talk about with our friends well then they can give us more relevant advertising.

If you are a business owner would you rather play a commercial on tv to millions and have it relate to just a few. Or would you rather spend you money pointy your adds directly at those who you know are interested in your product? And maybe more importantly advertise to you in the moment you are thinking about said product.

Well lets get to the point of this thing. The next company that will rule the net will be the one who will be able to harness the power or crowds and let them advertise or sale products for them for free.

Thats what happens when you and I find something online and like it then tell our friends about it. Google and Facebook are developing ways to do that even more conveniently. You can hardly find something online that doesn't have the ability to share it with others.

So who ever can pull in the largest number of friend groups and allow them to share things (Products) easily will win the Internet. They will create tipping points by harnassing crowds with connectors mavens and salesman.

Is this good or bad? You tell me.

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For all you David Archuleta Fans

David Archuleta singing at a Fireside:
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Blogging Tool

Blog better using ZemantaImage by chucks via FlickrSo recently I have found a tool that makes blogging just a little easier and even a little more fun. Its called Zemanta and what it does is give you in browser options to easily add pictures and links that relate to your blogs topic.

It is a relatively new add on so they are still making it better but so far I am hooked and will be using it for the foreseeable future. Check it out you might just like it. And most importantly its FREE :)
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Ice Cream Man

SAN FRANCISCO - JULY 5 : An ice cream cone is displayed at Swensen's Ice Cream shop on July 5, 2007 in San Francisco, California.  The California Department of Food and Agriculture has increased what dairy farmers receive for a gallon of milk to $1.98, up from $1.06 last year. The price increase comes as a result of a various shifts in supply and demand and rising costs of fuel.Image by Getty Images via DaylifeThe other day as I was dishing out Ice Cream at Mr. G's Pizza (A Pizza store owned by my brother here in town) I started to think of the many things I have done in my relatively short life. I say relatively because my wife likes to call me old :)

Here are a few of the job titles I have had:

Gas Station Attendant
Hay Bailer
Framer (Tiki Nailer)
Bus Driver
Enrollment Counselor
Baggage Handler
Music Teacher
Auditorium Coordinator
Football Coach
Ice Cream Man :)

I love trying new things and hopefully I will be able to add many more titles to this list as my life goes on.

What are some other interesting titles people have had? Maybe I'll try a few :)
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Monday, June 2, 2008

New Blog Feed

If you are a subscriber to this Blog please resubscribe due to major changes that have been made to the feed. Thanks

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Last Lecture

Most of you have probably already seen this but for those of you who haven't this is one of the best lectures I have ever seen and if you ever need a pick me up just watch even part of it. Here is a clip about the actual lecture which is over an hour long but worth your time.
Here is the whole thing for those who have the time.

Monday, May 26, 2008

You can call me.. Manager Alli

Summer has begun, and that means I'm going to get a new job for the summer. I'm going to be the new pool manager for the Joseph City Pool. It's A LOT smaller than the Buckeye pool, and A LOT different, but I think it's going to be really fun! I'm a little nervous because I've never been in like completely charge of anything before, but I'm up for the challenge. Wish me luck!

Baby Info.

According to online calculators, I am 6 weeks and 4 days along, and I'll be due January 15 if that's all true. My first prenatal appointment is either this Wednesday or this Thursday (i forgot which one so I'll have to call the doctor :) ). I'm only 6 weeks and my pants are already getting tight on my waist! Not fair! I have to do that whole suck-in-to-button-up-my-pants-thing. I haven't gained any weight, but my pants are definitely tighter. I'm starting to feel sickness, yuck. But I'm trying a mental approach to it, maybe if I think hard enough "I'm not going to get sick" it'll work, probably not- but wish me luck! ha ha. I'll let everyone know after my appointment if the online calculators were right or not :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Senior Trip

We left Joseph City at 9:30 pm on Sunday night, and after a LONG and somewhat sleepless night, we arrived at Anaheim, CA at 6:30 am Monday morning. We had our first day (which was also our anniversary!) at Disneyland and California Adventure. We met Stormy, Becky, and Cheyenne there, so that was really fun to be able to hang out with them too. We didn't do any of the roller coasters, because I'm a little bit paranoid of having another miscarriage, but the rides we did do were really fun! My favorite would have to be the Buzz Lightyear ride, where you shoot the bad guys with your lazers, Kyle did really well, but he didn't realized how skilled of a Space Commander I am :) We ate dinner that the Blue Bayou (the one you see when you go on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disneyland , it was soo good! I had the steak and it seriously melted in my mouth! It was sooo good!
The next day was spent at Knotts Berry Farm... it was fun for the most part. I made Kyle go on the rides even though I didn't... I LOVE roller coasters so it kind of sucked for me, but it was fun for the kids and Kyle. That night we went to the Medieval Times Dinner Show... it was alright, I probably wouldn't pay money to go to... but it was fun for getting in free :) They had REALLY bad actors... REALLY bad... but it was fun to see all the stunts and stuff.
Wednesday we went to Universal Studios Hollywood. By Wednesday I was soo exhausted! I have been really tired lately anyway, and staying up late and being at Amusement parks all day just really wore me out. I had a lot of fun seeing all the different movie sets and stuff, but I think I was too tired to show that I was having fun :) I was a volunteer in the special effects thing they did. They put me on the green screen and stuff, that was really fun. Wednesday night we left at about 7:00 pm and got back to Joseph City at around 4 am... I got to sleep in till 10, but Kyle had to be at work at 8 that morning, poor guy!
I probably would have been able to have more details... but I was exhausted the entire time :(

Yay for a Baby!

OK so I just can't hold it in any longer!! Kyle and I are going to have a baby!! YAY for us! Because of my miscarriage last time I was going to wait a little longer, but I just feel so good about it this time! Last time I was 12 weeks and I hadn't hardly told anyone because we both just had a weird feeling about it, not scared... but just a weird feeling. BUT this time we both feel really good... anyway! We're really excited! Yay!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

One Year Anniversary

Since our one year anniversary is tomorrow I though I would share with you all a little slide show I put together of Alli and I :) I am so Lucky! She L-O-V-E Loves me:)

Friday, May 16, 2008

I love you Kyle!

Our first year anniversary is on May 19- this Monday, but we will be at Disneyland so I figured I should write a little something before we left, so when we came back I could just fill you in on the trip!
I can't believe how much we have been through and how much we have grown together in the last year. As you've already seen in our blog, we have had so much going on and we have enjoyed almost every minute of it.
I am so glad that I chose to marry Kyle and he chose to marry me. I probably couldn't have picked a better match for me. He has never raised his voice at me, and is always the first to admit that he did something wrong, even if he knows he didn't really do it :) He always puts me first no matter what and I'm so great full for him. He works so hard at his job and tries so hard to make sure that I have everything that I want and need. Everyone always says that your first year is the hardest, and I can't imagine that this is the hardest it will get for us. Kyle is amazing and I'm so lucky to have him as my husband.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Host... not my favorite

I just got done reading The Host... actually, I finished last Sunday... and I'm not going to lie I was a little disappointed. It is definitely totally different from the Twilight series. With the Twilight series I was hooked from book one- the entire way through. The Host- I think I was hooked at first because I was so excited to be reading one of Stephanie Meyers books... BUT... i wasn't really interested in the story. It's definitely a sci-fi type of book, and I guess I'm just not really interested in that stuff. Maybe if I just loved to read, I would have enjoyed it better... but I'm a "it has to be really good" person.... At the end when I found out what had happened, I seriously didn't read the last few pages because I just wasn't interested anymore. The whole reason I got that far was so I could say I finished. The book won't go on my favorites list. There was a storyline- but I feel like there was just a lot of extra fluff to it... no surprise ending.. nothing. I totally called what was going to happen half-way through.

Anyway.. it wasn't my favorite.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

Yes I know- I'm a complete slacker! I have been meaning to update so here ya go!

This weekend I went to my parents house in Buckeye and hung out there for Mother's Day and Jolene Jenkins surprise birthday party- which was I think, a total success! There was tons of people there and Whitney did so good with the food and everything. Good job Whitney! After that Whitney and I went to chill at Stormys house- lots of laughter for sure. It's always fun hanging out with those two. I'm going to miss them when they both leave (stormy's going to Ecuador and Whitney is going on a mission). Saturday My mom and Derek's girlfriend Brittany and I met Chris and Kati at the Temple to help them take care of the boys. They are getting so big and so adorable. After the temple we ate and went back to the house and played some card games- Brittany kicked our trash at like everything.

Sunday was Mother's Day! We got my mom an Ott lamp (it's a quilting thing) and she was so excited about it! I'm glad cuz she definitely deserves it! I'm glad that as I've gotten older we've become really good friends. I swear I call her at least 5 times a day to tell her something or ask her what do I clean this up with ha ha. I have been married almost a year and I still need my mom :)

Monday... hm... i can't really remember... WAIT! My mom and I went SHOPPING. That was fun- we went to Ross, Target, and Sam's Club and bought all the stuff that I can't buy up here. It was fun to have a day just us two.

Today was my last day of class- YAY! We'll see if I pass- stay tuned :) In exactly 4 days we will be on our way on an all expense paid vacation to Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farms, and Universal Studios (hotel and food included). Sweet huh?! Only there's a catch... we're taking 20 seniors with us. Kyle is the senior class sponsor so we will be going on the senior trip. We will be at Disneyland on our 1 year anniversary, but I think it's pretty cool! We reserved a table at the Blue Bouye (The restaurant by Pirates of the Caribbean) so I'm really excited!!

Kyle has gotten like 5 or 6 DJ jobs already for this summer, so that's awesome. He's really excited, he loves to Dj...

My mom found this ADORABLE kitchen table at a yardsale for 50 bucks- so she called me and i said I love it! Let's get it! so our old kitchen table is now my "craft table." the new one is a bit smaller than our old one- but it's just us two right now and I think this table fits better in the kitchen...
We'll let everyone know how the trip was... and maybe some other exciting news will be posted later- so stay tuned! ;)