Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Marie!

We had a very busy weekend! We rolled out of Holbrook after school on Thursday to drive down to Buckeye to stay the night with my parents. I had a dentist appointment to fix one of my front teeth Friday morning and then headed over to Mesa to start a party filled weekend. Kyle's Mom turned the big 75 on Feb 17th and we decided to throw her a party. Well, we kind of threw her two parties. The first party was on her birthday that Monday where Mike and Trish surprised her with Brent! She was so excited to have him here. The next party was that Friday in Mesa. All of Kyle's siblings were in town and they reserved a church building where we had a rockin' time. We started out with a few games- the first game was with these three lovely ladies.
We had to figure out who was the one that met and kissed some famous cowboy. Guess he's not that famous if I can't remember the name huh? :) I don't even remember who was the winner, bad blogger points for that.

The kids favorite part, of course, was the cake and ice cream. 
 London waited so very patiently for the piece of cake with the big pink flower.
 Ryan wanted to see how many candles he could get on 1 piece of cake, he really packed them on there!
 Theresa, Courtney, and Ashley- such pretty ladies!
 Kaleb and Kaden- these two are goof balls.
 Bentley and Cameron spent a lot of time together- she's such a fun and cute girl!
 We wrapped up the night with a few talents. Brent sang and played the piano, it was beautiful. 
 Kyle's Mom has this terribly sad puppy story that she sings to the grandkids, so they all gathered around and listened to it. 
 I think the last time all 8 kids were together was when the George Gardner Performing Arts Center was dedicated which was back in January of 2008. 6 years is a long time to not get together, but with a brother in New York and Oregon and a sister in Utah- it gets hard! We took the opportunity and got some family photos. 
Mike, Kelly, Brian, Keith, Kyle, Brent
Kym, Marie, and Kathleen
 We will go Oldest to Youngest- Brian and Marie. 
 Milah, Lyndzi, Brichelle, Micah, Kym, Marie, Holli, Rocky, Gianna, 
 Ryan, Cameron, Megan, Marie, Mike, and Trish

Kendall, Marie, Tyler, Mike, and Theresa

Brent and Marie 
 Courtney, Marie, David, Kathleen, Ashley, and Kaleb

Ava, Kelly, Karl, Lincoln, Ethan, Marie, Porter, and Kaden

 Bentley, Me, Marie, Kyle, London, and Macy
 After all the clean-up and photos we had a major dance party- how else would you end a party?!
 Bentley was really getting into the moves- it was too cute. 

We are so grateful for Marie and all she does for her kids and our family. She is a great example on living the Gospel and how to be a mother.  Our kids love going over to her house for Sunday dinners and we are grateful for the traditions she our kids have been able to have with her. Happy Birthday Marie!