Tuesday, May 31, 2016


I'm so behind on documenting our family happenings! Super far behind. Instead of doing individual posts to catch us up- I'm going to go by months! When we came home from Disneyland, we jumped headfirst into Kyle's HS musical which was Mary Poppins. It was a HUGE hit and we are still hearing people say how great it was and it's August! May was full of end of school concerts and such. First was Macy DinoStars musical and her first research project! She is part of Park Performers and they put on the cutest musical! They had the cutest costumes and everything, but I failed to get a picture. I'm such a slacker! BUT I did get a picture of her first research project! She did a Brachiasorous and had to put together a poster to show all the different things she learned about. It was all in preparation for her first field trip to the Petrified Forest! She had a blast.

Hulet Elementary had their annual Healthy Holbrook Night and the highlight was Bentley getting to sit in the fire engine! Hulet really does a fabulous job with their Healthy Nights. They had a healthy dinner (this year was turkey tacos, all the fruit and veggies you can think of, yogurt, cheese sticks, and a million other things you can choose from), TONS of outdoor games for the kids, and a whole plethora of sports and booths inside. This year we lucked out and got in line fast enough for all the kids to get free helmets and fit them! 
Since London is going to be in KINDERGARTEN next year, the 4 yr old preschool class does a Kindergarten Transition Day and this year London was up! She was SO excited and has been talking about it since she found out it existed. They go to all the specials (P.E, Computers, Music, and Library), eat in the cafeteria, and play on the playground and get the feel of the school. London is a crack up and is always so quiet at new places. You could never tell she was extatic but I'm sure she had all the enthusiasm in the world on the inside. 

The next day was London's dance recital. This girl LOVES dance and it always so excited to go. She loves her skirt and always tries to wear it. They did a cute little dance to Trashin' the Camp from Tarzan. Her favorite part- the flower at the end. 

 Next up! Bentley's Preschool program! They finish school a week before everyone else and did a cute program. It was the exact same songs and words as Macy and London's- we'll have this thing memorized by the time Ella gets there :) He did great with his part and loved his goodies at the end.

That weekend the boys had their first Father and Sons campout! Bentley was so excited that just he and Dad got to go hang out and absolutely loved all the rootbeer and treats that he got. They went out to the the Reidhead Pond and had lots of fun playing with trucks and watching everyone go on the zipline. I was a nervous wreck knowing that their was a big pond there but everyone was fine and Bentley wore his lifejacket most of the time. While the boys were away, Macy, London, and I went to Flagstaff to get some girl time in. We did some shopping, had some Chic-Fil-A, and then went and saw The Jungle Book. We even splurged and got candy and popcorn at the movies.

The next week was London's Preschool Graduation! They did some super cute songs and a little graduation ceremony. They keep it very sweet, short and to the point. We are really really really going to miss London at home- especially Bentley. They play so well together all day and he is really going to miss his buddy. We know she'll do great though!

Macy's school does what they call "Character Counts". There are like 6 pillars of how to get character (like honesty, loyalty, and so on) and when they are caught being good or using their character they get their name in a drawing for the end of the school year. They have a big assembly and then draw their names for a bunch of different prizes. The big prize is a BIKE! and Macy WON! Which wouldn't be so funny if she HATED riding bikes. She cries when we say "let's go ride bikes!'. A teacher told me that when her name was called to come get the bike she really didn't want to get up and take it. She came home and said "Hey London, you got a new bike!" London has been riding it since Macy got it and loves it. She can't get on it by herself yet, but she rides it really well. Macy was the most excited for 6 bubble wands she won. With the winning of the bike, that wrapped up the school year!

With being like 35 weeks pregnant I knew that if we didn't keep ourselves busy I was going to go insane with wanting this baby to come out. We sure kept ourselves busy! First up was Austin and Mikals wedding. Bentley was IN LOVE with the bride. He wanted to dance with her and be with her all the time. He cried when she went inside because she needed to use the little girls room. We had a talk with him about how it's her wedding and she wants to go talk to all the other people that came to see her too. He was a little heartbroken about that but nothing a smore couldn't cure. :)

Since I was in the 2nd part of my 3rd trimester, I had weekly appointments with my OB. Tradition meant that we stop by Subway and get lunch. Kyle kept up the tradition even though I'm sure he wanted to go somewhere else-  he's a good man :) This particular appointment we also came home from Show Low with a trampoline! We knew we wanted to get one and figured what better time than the beginning of summer! The kids were SO excited and spent every minute they could on it.

We signed the girls up for t-ball again this year and learned that Bentley was right on the deadline for his age group and could play with year. I really don't think he was ready, but he would've been just as bored sitting on the sidelines with us. They had practice or a game almost every night and learned a TON more than they did last year. They had two high schoolers as their teachers and really liked them.

To wrap up the month of May we went Memorial Day Camping! We stopped on got some new tires before headed into the woods and ate at Oreganos while the tires were getting put on. We introduced our kids to Pizza Cookies which was probably a mistake. We had to put a stop the scarfing it down and made them start taking turns so we could get some bites it. Camping was a smaller group this year but the kids still enjoyed being in the forest and loved playing with their cousins Jack and Easton. They also spent a lot of time in the trailer with Grandma Bochat and they were all loving that. Grandma Bochat brought some ceramic figurines for the kids to all paint and that kept them busy fora  good hour or two. The last day we went on a walk with the kids and did some geocaching. We had lots of good food and family. Perfect camping. 

After getting home, we spent time getting the yards cleaned up and the sprinklers all on timers. It's taken us 7 years to get these things finally running on their own and boy is it nice not to have to turn them on and off every morning! One morning Bentley ran out to help Kyle and just threw on his boots- he's a cuties! We also helped Marie spruce up her yard a bit. We found a hummingbirds nest too! It was a great end to a great school year and great start to a great summer!