Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Funny Girl

She has the funniest face after I blow on her belly, then she laughs.

We love visitors!

Last weekend Stormy came up to see us :) It was way fun to have her here and have people over at my new house! First we went to watch the barrel races because our friend Laurie Farr was racing. It was really fun to watch the little kids do it- there was one little girl that I don't think was really used to it, her horse came running into the arena and she starting screaming (while riding it). They missed the first two barrels and went straight for the one in the back and then came running back to the front, while the little girl was screaming.. it was kinda sad, but funny :) Then we headed back to our house because Kyle's brother Keith was over and putting an entry way in one of our walls between the family room and the kitchen. I'll post pictures once it's all molded and pretty, right now it's just a rectangle hole so it's not much to look at :) Here is Macy at the fair grounds. She looks excited huh?
This past Friday-Sunday Whitney and Tyler came over to play, they were so much fun! Friday night we went out to eat the new Asian cafe here, it was really good! Kinda pricey to Holbrook standards and the serving sizes were kinda small, but the food tasted really good. Saturday we had an adult Pinewood Derby with our new ward (which I LOVE by the way, everyone is soo friendly and sincere). That was pretty fun. Then we headed over to Mr. G's, a must when you come and visit Holbrook. We came home and played games, mostly Phase 10- and got to bed around 1 :)

Macy started sleeping through the night the second night we brought her home from the hospital and lately has been waking up twice a night to eat- so we started her on cereal Monday night. She hasn't really gotten the hang of it, but here are pics to mark the occasion.
Kyle playing with Macy- He is such a good Dad.
Layin on the couch with Mommy.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Brelee Kate and Music Tour

This past weekend was a very fun one!

Kati had her baby girl last week, Brelee Kate, so Macy and I went to go see them! We left Holbrook Wednesday and had a very long drive down to Tucson. My mom was already there so we got to hang out with some of the family for awhile. Macy looked so big compared to Brelee- they change so much and you don't even realize it! It's going to be so fun when they get older and they can have someone to play with when our families get together. I'm so excited for their family! We had a little photo-shoot and got some cute ones!

Kyle's Audition Choir and Jazz Band was going "on tour" to the valley on Thursday and I wanted to join in on the fun so I left Macy with my mom Thursday night and met Kyle, his students, Steven, Meghan, Kathleen and David, and Kym at Broadway Palms where we ate and saw Singin' In the Rain. It was a lot of fun- not quite Broadway New York good, but it was good :)

Friday the kids went and had a learning session with Dr. Bennett, Kyle's college music director, and then they performed at an Assisted Living Home- it was really fun to watch all the "older than me" people enjoy the singing. There was one lady that was singing along with them and clapping, she really enjoying it. The Jazz Band came on and... well.. they struggled a little bit. Kyle told them to play quiet because we were in a small room and the trumpets can get pretty loud- but that kinda just threw them off their beat... BUT they performed at Superstition Springs Mall next and redeemed themselves :) That night we spent the entire night at Golfland and rode the go-karts, played lazer tag, and goofy-golfed. It was a lot of fun, Kyle almost got kicked out of the go-karts for bumping, but the kids did really good :)

LOVE STORY (Taylor Swift) meets VIVA LA VIDA (Coldplay) - Piano/Cello - by Jon Schmidt

We saw this live when he came to Joseph City it was one of my favorite songs of the night! We were even his first large audience that he played it for :) Pretty cool I thought. Check it out and even spread it along!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

We're in!

I am currently sitting in class while Kyle is currently MOVING US! Yay! BUT we still haven't signed papers... well... the right papers. So technically we're the cute couple in front of the house without a "sold" sign still :) (see previous post to understand that joke).

Now you get the story ha ha.
We got called sometime last week to go sign papers, so we did. After we got there she let us know that we still had more papers to sign but they weren't ready and would be there the next day. So she met us in Joseph City with the papers and then told us that another set of papers still weren't there. Ugh. So we met her the NEXT day to sign those papers. Then we got a call the next day that said that our Broker did the papers in-correctly (I hate saying wrong because it makes him seem like a bad person or something lol) and they need to do them again. This has all been going on for the past 2 weeks. We figured we would be in the house this past Monday (foolish I know) and so my Mom came up to help me paint and stuff. We weren't in and it didn't look promising so my brave mom called the Real Estate Agent and asked her to ask the seller if we could go paint. He said yes :) We got the family room, bathroom, and Macy's room painted and I will post pictures when we have furniture in them. Today the seller let us know that since our loan is good and we've paid our money, then he would let us move in- even though officially it really isn't ours yet. BUT we get to move in so I'm happy :)

cool huh?! I know :)