Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 2015

The past few months around here have just been normal life. Throw in a Disneyland trip and it turned out to be a quiet fun few months! March was spend getting ready for Kyle's choir California Tour but while that wasn't happening we just enjoyed normal life. London with way too much lotion, warm weather, Macy in kindergarten, and a handsome little boy.

We've taken a group to Disneyland a few times now and each time as been something new and exciting. This year Kyle has 2 auditions choirs at his HS (168 kids in his entire program!! That's huge! When he started it was something around 50-60!) and decided to take them both on tour. After a few kids couldn't go, our final number was 54 kids going with 6 adults and 2 stow-aways (the daughters of chaperones). It is quite the task to get ready to take 63 people to Disneyland! After lots of changing plans and figuring out the details, we were all ready to go! It was quite the party when we got together with Marie to count out all the money. Each person got $12 a meal so we had to stuff 300 envelopes with $24 a piece! (60 people for 5 days). I had never seen so much cash in my life!
Since taking the kids to Disneyland with us isn't really an option (the school would let us, but I can't take care of 60 kids AND 3 little ones) we dropped with off with Grandma and Grandpa Carbonneau in Payson on Sunday afternoon. Bentley had been potty training for about 2 weeks (we took a break after our winter try) it was important for that to keep going at Grandma's house. On our way to Payson he yelled out that he had to poop- so off he went onto the little potty.
You can't see all of it in this picture but my Mom made me the CUTEST little purse to take to Disneyland. On the bottom corner it has a cut out of minnie with some rhinestones and a big bow- seriously, SO CUTE. I have some trader pins and these just finished the purse right off. 
We met at the school early Monday morning and loaded up 4 suburbans and a whole bus with everyone and ventured off to California. We stopped by the beach before going to the hotel and enjoyed soaking our toes in the water.
On Tuesday the Select Choir performed at Knotts Berry Farm. Before letting the kids all loose to play we all made them go on the same ride together. The kids loved seeing all the chaperones on a roller coaster and it was a great way to get everyone pumped before they got to play and perform. The choir did a fantastic job and the rest of the time at Knotts was just filled with rides. I think the longest ride we waited for had to only been about 10 minutes- we got right on most of the rides. At about 4:00pm we all met at the front of the park and started out to load to bus to get ready for Newsies. Kyle has a rule on Tour that for every minute you are late- you have to ride It's a Small World once. There were 4 kids that were late (they wanted to go on one last ride) and had to ride it's a small world 3 times in a row. It sounds pretty strict, but when we need to go- we need to go!

The suburbans and the vans met back at the hotel, we changed, ate the best pizza in California that the Shumways picked up, and loaded back up to go to Newsies at the Pantages Theater. The kids looked so good dressed up- if I find a picture of the group I'll have to post it. They all looked so nice! A gentleman at the theater got the biggest kick out of all the choir students and did a few magic tricks with them and then did a choir exercise. It was quite entertaining and something that those kids will remember for a long time. We had Select Choir sit on one side of the theater with Swing Thing on the other side to give each choir their own experience and bonding time.

The show was phenomenal and really changed some of the students view on their shows. The learned the importance of following your moves and being present on the stage. I thoroughly enjoyed the show even though I was on the verge of falling asleep for almost the entire first half. If it hadn't been for intermission I'm certain I would have fallen asleep! We got back to the hotel at around midnight and I fell asleep the moment my head hit the pillow. 

The next few days were all about Disney! Wednesday Swing Thing performed in California Adventure, Thursday each choir had a clinic, and Friday Swing Thing performed in Disneyland.

We seriously had the best chaperones. They were all willing to do anything we asked them too and kept asking if there was anything else they could do for us. Not only were the amazingly trustworthy but we had a blast hanging out with them too. We were always full of laughs and just kept things real.
While we were off in California I got this picture from my Mom- London got her ears pierced! My Mom said she did really good and didn't cry a bit. She has been loving her earrings ever since.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Church Callings

I've realized lately that I really blanket things with my blog when it comes to specifics to what Kyle and I do on a regular basis. I don't really know how to jump right into that, but since this is for posterities sake I feel like I should update a little on what kind of Church Callings we have. We are active members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and love to serve in the church. I will add the callings I know Kyle has had, but he might need to add some more on his own from before we were married.

Elders Quorum President
2nd Counselor in Young Men's Presidency
1st Counselor in Elders Quorum
Stake Music Specialist
Currently: 2nd Counselor in Bishopric

Sunbeams Teacher (in 2 different wards)
Activity Days
8yr old Primary Teacher
Primary Chorister
Beehives Advisor
2nd Counselor in Stake Primary Presidency
Relief Society Activities Chair
Ward Historian (The last 3 being held simultaneously)
Stake Public Affairs Director
Currently: 1st Counselor in Relief Society Presidency & Ward Historian

Whew! I'm glad I'm writing all this down, because I'm sure I'm going to forget all that! There have definitely been callings that I've liked more then others, but the ones I didn't love so much are the ones where I certainly grew the most and learned the most about myself. I'm grateful for the opportunities that we get to serve the Lord and his children through our callings in the church. Have callings helps so much with uniting yourself with your ward as well as learning what the Lord has in store for you.  Yay for church callings!