Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kyle Family Pictures

At Holli's wedding we got some cute pictures of Kyle and his siblings that were able to make it. We missed you Brent and Mike!!... Oh- Keith wasn't there either :p

Look at how pretty these ladies are! 

 Kyle, Kellie, Kathleen, Marie, Kym, and Brian

Monday, February 18, 2013

RSV and Bronchiolitis

Well, add Bentley to the list of Emergency Room visits!

For the past two weeks at least one member of our family has been sick at any given time. Macy and London had it worse than me, and Bentley had it much worse than any of us. On the 7th he started coughing a little and by the 9th the poor guy was just sleeping or crying. Sunday (the 10th) we had a friend of Kyle's come over and help Kyle give him a blessing and the poor little guy just slept all day long and started wheezing.

Monday morning I took him into a doctor out our local office (our family physician was out for the week, go figure) and probably had one of the worst experiences ever at the doctors office. I got there at 8:30 am and only waited about 10 minutes to get into the room. From there I waited for another 30 min for the doctor. He walked in and wasn't sure who he was seeing, me or the baby. After we got that squared away he listened to his lungs and told me he probably had RSV and bronchiolitis. He was going to give us antibiotics, but that they won't work because it's viral, and he's going to give him a breathing treatment but he wasn't sure if that would help either. I'm thinking "oookkay, so why the heck are you prescribing me this if you know it's not going to work?!". He sent the nurse in to do the breathing treatment and then headed off to a meeting.

The nurse did the breathing treatment and listened to his lungs and said she was going to get the doctor because she was worried about his lungs. Since the doctor was in a meeting she went and found the actual pediatrician who told her to give Bentley another kind of medicine. Right as the pediatrician was giving her orders the original doctor walked in. He asked what was going on and told the nurse that he had told her not to listen to his lungs because he knew that she was going to freak out (this is all happening in front me of, in the room) the pediatrician tells the Dr what she would prescribe and the Dr continue to goes on about this being RSV and they can't do anything to help.
As this is all going on the nurse goes and gets the oxygen reader and starts to test Bentley's oxygen levels. They are borderline 90 and after Bentley fell asleep would go down to 82 or 83. If you are normal healthy person your levels will probably be between 98-100 and when they get below 88 you need to go to the ER. We show the Dr his levels and he just says that because he's sleeping he's fine it they are that low. He also tells me that if it would make me feel better to come back at 4ish and get his levels checked again. Okay. The nurse has the most worried look on her face and says she'll help us to the car. On the way out she gives me a little talk that I'm his mom and if I'm worried to not hesitate to come back.

We get back home and Bentley sleeps all day, moans and wheezes if he's awake, and then just goes back to sleep. At 4 I take him back into the doctor and his oxygen levels stay at like 85 and a couple times dipped into the 70's. Long story short,  an hour later  and the nurse tells us to go to the hospital.
On the drive over Bentley was just sleeping and moaning and the roads are super icy and slick. We passed a few cars on the side of the road and an accident. At the hospital they hooked him up to the monitors and it was all the same thing, not getting over 88 without help of oxygen. When he would try and eat his level would dip into the low 70's. They admitted us for the night.

After a few deep suctions (they suction all the gunk through a small tube that they put down his nose and throat) he was finally able to eat something without it turning into a screaming fit. He had a pretty decent night sleep at the hospital considering that they woke him up at least every 3 hours.

The next morning we were trying to figure out some plans for Kyle to go back to Holbrook and how Bentley and I would get back home and it kind of made the nurses think we really wanted to go home. They listened to his lungs a little and decided at bout 2 pm that we could go home as long as we were willing to take oxygen with us. Deal! They sent us home with 5 big tanks and 5 small tanks with a follow up appointment with the doctor. I was SUPER excited that we didn't have to stay any longer. Kyle and I didn't get to sleep at all and we were still in the same clothes from yesterday.

Macy had a blast with the backpack with his oxygen tank.

It took the little guy a good 5-6 more days to get back to his normal self, but that day and night was definitely the worst of it.
Hopefully we don't have to go through that again, it could have been much worse, but it was definitely bad enough for me.

At first he completely hated his breathing treatments, but after he learned it was a must he just let them happen.

He was still even rockin' the piano. Cute little guy.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Pictures of London

Here are some pictures from I took of London in preparation for Holli's Wedding :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

More Wedding Prep Pictures

Here are a few pics from my other Wedding Prep shoots. Thank You Malisa Farnes and the Christensen's for being my Guinea pigs :)