Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

We had two Christmas's this year! We headed down to Buckeye on the 23rd (the day after my 4 hour joyous doctor appointment) and got there around noon. We went into town with Mom and Kati, did some last minute Christmas shopping, and headed back to the house. Everyone was there that night, except Dad (he had to work :() and we had the traditional Clam Chowder and we made really fun Rice Krispy Treat houses :) I wish I had pictures of what it looked like before we ate them, but it was really fun! I liked them better than ginger bread houses because who really likes to eat the gingerbread house? Not I! Then Cindy Carroll came over and we took some maternity pictures, Kyle got fired- he kept making me laugh. The family got Rock Band (it's funny how we're all grown up but Mom still said it was the family present) for an early Christmas present and we all played it all night, well not all night- only Kyle and Derek played all night, I think they went to bed at 3:30 and Chris crashed at 1:30- they are hard core rockers!

The next morning we pretended it was Christmas and opened the presents from each other. Dad was able to be there so that was really fun to have the entire family there together :) We had pancakes for a crowd (a really good breakfast casserole) and then we all just hung out all morning. We headed back to Holbrook at around noon and then the festivities here began!

At 6 we went over to Brian and Janes house for their annual Christmas Eve party, we had some very tasty Mexican Food and played some games. We watched a movie about Christ and had a little discussion on the true meaning of Christmas- and then the games began. First there was pin the carrot and button on the Snowman, then everyone else played Do You Love Your Neighbor? I sat out of that one, too much moving for me with this big belly :) Then the true Mexicans came out and we had a Pinata, all the little kids had a lot of fun with that- lots of candy and sugar to get them all hyped up! We headed back to Kyle's Mom's house after that and got ready for the next day!

Christmas morning I was the first one up, at 7!! There were kids here and everything and I was the first one up. Everyone else got up shortly after that because I thought they should be :) We opened up presents and ate breakfast and had a really relaxing Christmas- it was great! Kyle and I got a new digital camera from my parents which I'm really super excited about so I can take pictures of baby girl when she makes her arrival, Kyle got me a sewing machine so I can work on my homemaking skills :), we got games, a case for my cuttlebug dies, duffle bags, and probably one of my favorite gifts... MY OWN TOOL BOX!!! Yay! I told Kyle he's not allowed to use them, because he always looses his tools.

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

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