Thursday, August 7, 2008


About two months ago our family (chris&Kati, steven&meghan, and mom&dad) had planned a trip to go to San Diego for a few days and hit the beach. Some of us were going to go to Sea World and some weren't.. some of us were staying at this place and some were staying at another... so about 2 weeks before we were supposed to go we all decided to go camping instead. It would be much less stressful, more time together, and much less gas money :)
So we called all our extended family on my mom's side and got the whole gang together and went camping. We had so many of us there! To some of you it might not sound like a lot, but to a small family it does! I think the end count was like 27 kids and adults.
The ride up there was only supposed to take us 1 hour and 45 minutes.....
We got on the road and about 30 miles outside of flag the tread on one of the tires came off. So here we are going like 15 miles an hour down the side of the freeway.... it seriously took us like an hour to get 15 miles (that's what 15 miles an hour means i guess huh?) well after about an hour and a half we got to a little tire place in Winona (which is just outside flag) and he fixed our tire almost immediately.
We knew my parents would be getting to Flagstaff sometime soon so we went to Best Buy and had to buy Kyle a charger for his computer ($89 for a CHARGER!!) and then I wanted to go see if Old Navy had any baby clothes on sale so we went and bought our little one 2 adorable outfits!!
Then we found out my parents were having car trouble also and probably wouldn't be in Flag for who knew how long, so we decided to go to Wendy's and get something to eat... so we drive through and just pull into the parking stop right in front of the drivethrough so kyle didn't have to eat while he drove. I got half of my sandwich down and my stomach didn't like it very much. I opened the door as fast as I could so i didn't pew all over the car and everything just started coming out. I felt really bad for all the people in the drivethrough line watching me throw up all the food that they were about to eat.... :(
Anyway- my parents made it faster than we thought and we met up with them at Sam's Club, got the last few camping essentials and were off to the campsite. From the time we left our house to the campsite it was about 5 hours...
Through out the weekend we had people coming and going but we had so much fun with whoever was there at the time. There is just something calming to me about the forest and not having to be on a schedule. I think I looked at a clock like twice in 4 days. If we were hungry, we ate. If we were tired, we slept. I didn't bring my cell phone so I didn't get anyone calling me- it was just... nice!
And there's just something about a campfire... every night we would come to the campfire and share stories and talk.. not necessarily about something important, we just all talked and enjoyed each others company.
When I was little we used to go camping like 3 or 4 times a year, and I loved it! I really hope our family will start going more, I guess we just have to start planning it more because I really want my kids to enjoy that in their childhood.

I'm a bum and completely forgot my camera, but Kati and Meghan were both there taking pics and they should have some up soon so I'll steal some from them :)

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Steven & Meghan said...

Yeah, so I was in Utah with my sister this past weekend and I was looking through our pictures on the camera going, "I have so many on here that are already on the computer, I should just delete them off of here" so I started deleting the camping pictures when...I realized I hadn't put them on the computer yet!!! Ahhh!! Steven said there's some way to recover them but we'll see...So, as of right now, we're BOTH stealing them from Kati :o) Arh! I was so mad. I think there's like 5 of Steven shooting with Ben and Wes and Travis...Bummer