Thursday, July 31, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Bentley!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Bentley!! 

I know it's so clique, but I can't believe he is 2! This little boy has been such a light in my eye. He is always so happy and is so sweet. I remember after he was born just feeling like he always belonged to our family. A few of his favorite things recently are:
Hats! This boy LOVES hats. As I'm grabbing my keys and purse to go out the door he always asks for a hat. 
SHOES! He doesn't discriminate between shoes, he loves them all. Mens shoes, womens shoes, flip flops, clogs, slippers- he'll wear them all. 
Dinosaur Train! One of his favorite shoes right now is "choo-choo train" which translations to Dinosaur train. 
His Mom! He is still a little momma's boy through and through. But he's just so cute! He always says "Tank you Mom"and "Wub you mom". He. is. so. cute!
Cookies! The minute we walk into Grandma's house that's the first thing is asks for, and he usually gets it. If I'm being realistic that's really all my kids, but he loves it.
Outside! During the summer if we couldn't find Bentley it was because he went out the doggie door and was playing outside. He is loving the weather and the grass.

We are so happy to have Bentley in our family. We love you little man! Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

1st day of Kinder and Preschool!

Today was a BIG day is a kids life (okay okay, in a Mom's life too). It was Macy's first day of kindergarten and London's first day of Preschool!! They do whole day Kindergarten here which means Macy is at school now more or the day then at home :( We'll sure miss this crazy girl around here during the day, but we are so excited for her. She loves school and learning. She keeps saying the most exciting thing about Kindergarten is learning out to read and write. London has been pretty quiet about the whole Preschool thing. She doesn't say much but didn't complain either so I guess that's good. We did our usual morning route, but Macy had a huge grin on her face the whole morning. She was so excited and was so willing to do anything I asked her. Hopefully that part of our morning routine keeps us. We'll keep our fingers crossed.
 Cute out those cute girls! Macy was so excited to wear her new clothes and sparkle pants and London was excited to wear her new shoes. I may be biased, but they are so pretty!

All three kiddos! It will be nice to give Bentley some one and one time now that the other two are at school. London is only gone 3 hours a day, 3 days a week so it's really not much. I think it's a great transition into the full day kinder schedule here.

Macy needs to be dropped off at school first and then it's London's turn to get dropped off. I figured I would just throw them all in the car even though the school is less that half a mile away, but then I saw the line of cars at the school and figured we mine as well get some exercise because driving wouldn't save us any time.

 Typical London face.
 Walking to school. She looks so big!
 We did Meet the Teacher yesterday and Macy and I went through the things she would do in the morning when she first got to school. I tried to get her to do it all on her own with my just following behind, but she was pretty nervous. I still just asked her where she thought we should go but it was SO chaotic this morning at the school that I'm not sure she'll remember what to do tomorrow. We might walk her in again. Here is Macy with her teacher Ms. Matheny.
 I got a few photos and told Macy it was time for us to go. She gave me a couple hugs and kisses and ventured off to the play ground. I turned the corner to act like I left and then poked my head back around to see if she was playing with any of the kids. She stood on the playground looking around for about 30 seconds until the bell rang. She got this panicked looked on her face and was looking around not knowing what to do. She spotted me and relief just went over her face and she started walking over to me. I pointed to her teacher and told her to go find Ms. Matheny. She went over to her line and got a sticker saying what class she was in. Super smart idea! That way if any of the kinders get lost through out the day they have a sticker to tell the other teachers which class she should be in.

 She has loved being line leader in her preschool class so I'm sure she was excited to be it on the first day of school.
 It was hard leaving the school without my 3rd duckling. For the past 5 years she's been with me all the time- I'm gonna miss her. She'll be so great though- no doubt. Next up was getting London to school. Dropping Macy off lasted way longer than I thought so we were about 20 minutes late for Lou Lou. As I was pulling into the drive-way London's teacher called to make sure we were coming. London was so excited, well, as excited as London gets :) She put her backpack up and went straight to playing with the toys.
 Bentley even jumped in there to play a little bit and I finally got London to actually look at me.

 After we dropped off London I had 30 minutes until a 6 month old I watch gets dropped off so Bentley and I made probably one of the quietest trips I've ever had at the grocery store. It was so fun to spend a little time with Bentley. He doesn't get that very much. We got home and Bentley didn't really know what to do with himself. After wandering the house and playing with some toys for a good hour, he asked to watch a show so I pulled one up for him. He has been loving dinosaur train and loved to have the TV to himself.
 Between tending the baby and playing with Mr. Bentley I was still able to get the crock-pot going, get the beds all made and the rooms all clean. It was a very successful morning. I love coming home to a clean house and figured the kids probably would too. 11 got here before we knew it and we headed over to pick up London. She hopped up when she saw me, grabbed her bag, and was ready to take off. She is such a go with the flow girl, I love it. Here is London with her teacher Mrs. Fairbanks.
 Outside we found Dad waiting for us! Kyle has a short break between his change from the High School to the Jr. High and since the Preschool is right in between the two schools if he has a few minutes he'll stop by to say hi. London loved seeing her Daddy. Me too :)

After we picked Macy up from school she told me all about her day. We heard all about her "bubbles" and "duck tail" (I was pretty confused too. You make bubbles with your cheeks so you don't talk in the hall and the duck tail is your hands behind your back), all about lunch and how she ate most of her pizza, the whole apples, some of the salad, and all of the croutons :) She had a blast. London missed her something fierce though. At about 1 she started asking if we could go pick up Macy. We tried to do some fun activities to keep her occupied but I'm going to have to come up with something else to keep her entertained. Macy even had a blast doing her homework when she got home. She got to use the "homework sparkle pencils" that I made up on a whim. Who wouldn't like doing homework with a sparkle pencil?!
 This starts a whole new world for us! For the past 5 years it's been all about being at home for my kids. I love being a stay at home mom. I love that they know I'll always been there for them. Not just emotionally, but if they need anything- I'm there. I love that Macy knows that if she doesn't feel good at school or if something happens I am literally only a phone call and less than half a mile away. These kiddos are my life and I wouldn't change that for anything :)

Rainy Summer Day

It has been a very dry summer so when it started raining the kids went crazy. They were so excited to feel the rain and have little puddles to play in.

 Our little Bentley loved the puddles. His sisters preferred to swing and enjoy the drops, but Bentley liked splashing in the puddles.

Wild West Days

The weekend after the 4th of July is always Holbrook Annual Wild West Days. This year they had some more kids activities that the little ones really enjoyed. We got there as the event was just starting and scored some free tickets to the train to let people know it was running. London and Bentley shared a cart and Macy was on her own. Lorin hoped in with Mollie, but they didn't make it back. The tires had a little too much wear on them and they popped!

 Doesn't she look thrilled?
 We headed over to a little kids rodeo area. They gave each kid rodeo numbers and had a few games for them to play. It was really cute! Bentley wasn't really getting the whole nerf gun thing. He had a help him out.

 They went panning for some gold... and got some! Fake gold, but still gold :)
 Then they roped some bulls... Macy still looks thrilled about this whole thing huh?
 Bentley wasn't really sure what to do. "You mean I can chuck this and I won't get in trouble?" Sure is a cute cowboy!

 Next up was the Noodle Horse Rodeo. They kids got some kits from the Chamber office and each made their own stick horse. Grandma Carbonneau and Aunt Steph helped  the girls make theirs while we were in Yarnell. They had a little contest to see who had "the best horse". I have a confession, I hate those contests. All contests for that matter that involve which 4 year old made the best whatever. If it wasn't for Kathleen and Kyle I would've made the cute horses with Grandma and never even mentioned that they could be entered into a contest. You are bound to disappoint 30 kids when you tell them their horse wasn't good enough. Anyway, I thought Macy and London did a fantastic job with their horses and they still love, even if they didn't win.
I don't have any photo proof but the next day was the Bucket of Blood Races. It was our 4th and final time being the race directors. We started the half-marathon and turned it from the 1st year having 12 runners to this year with 90. I felt like we did an awesome job with what we had to work with. I'm going to miss how nice and appreciative the runners are, they make all the chaos worth it. I am excited to have that part of my summer back though and be done with all the other odd and end stuff we did for it during the year.