Saturday, December 31, 2016

December 2016

December is always so fun! Especially this year since instead of being sick on the couch all Christmas season- we got to actually enjoy it! The biggest exciting news... Steven and Meghan (My brother and sister-in-law) and their 3 little boys moved to Holbrook! And two houses down! The kids have loved having cousins so close and it has been fun having someone from my side of the family around.

Ella learned that she loved the piano and actually really enjoys all types of baby toys. All my other kids just wanted the things we used, but she loves anything you'll give her. Food- not so much. She just spits it out and doesn't really like it. 

The Kindergarten classes had their annual Polar Express night and the kids were super excited to ride the train. Too bad there wasn't a train. There might've been tears when the kids found out we were just walking to different classrooms doing different activities. We've been before so I'm not sure why they thought we were riding an actual train- but they survived. We got to see Santa and eat cookies. Good night in my book!

A friend in Holbrook did a cookie exchange night and it was so fun! All us moms just sat around and chatted and I got to make some festive cookies. It was super fun!

A HUGE highlight of the month was when Kyle had to go to St. Johns to help his Uncle with his TV and the kids got to ride horses! Our friend Laurie Farr lives there and has been telling us for awhile she would love to take the kids for rides. Macy loves all things horses and was soaking it all up. She led the horse around for the other kids and got a good horse fix in.

Bentley had his Preschool Christmas Program and oh my gosh he is so cute. He sang so loud and was so into the whole thing. We got a few comments afterward about how they could tell his Dad was a music teacher. He let his voice be heard. I love that all our kids have done the same program, same songs, and even same props. It's too cute!

We did the traditional gingerbread houses with the Larsons, tamales with Marie and Meghan, got some shooting in, and had our Christmas Eve Party with pinata and leg wrestling. On the way home the two little ones fell asleep and were not into opening Christmas PJ's. Bentley pretty much cried through the whole ordeal and Ella slept. Christmas morning they were MUCH happier though and enjoyed all their presents and Santa gifts. After breakfast, we all got dressed and headed to church at 11. I didn't have a good attitude about having church on Christmas but it turned out so good. Then headed off to the valley for Christmas dinner, more cousins, bubbles, lots of lego building, and hanging out. 

We stayed for a few days and took the long way home through Prescott and Cottonwood to visit the Great-Grandparents. The kids loved seeing them and I'm glad we stopped. It was a great December.