Wednesday, November 4, 2009


This past week I spent at my parents house. I am selling bows for the first time at a Holiday Fair here in Holbrook and I needed to get ribbon and start my inventory AND it was Stormy's bridal shower on Halloween!! I'm so excited for Stormy and Spenser!! The shower went really well and I think everyone had a lot of fun.
Here is Macy in her Halloween outfit, I'm probably biased but I think she makes the cutest little Halloween baby! :) (Her shirt says I'm so cute its SCARY!) :) We (my mom, me, and Jolene) came up with her outfit the day before... matching bow, bracelet, shirt, paci holder, and socks!

Here is us at the Bridal Shower. I love these girls! I love that we can get together again after two years and it's like we were hanging out yesterday. Being together really brought back all the fun memories and reminded me how much fun we all had together.

That night Chris and Kati and crew came over and we went to the neighborhood Trunk or Treat and stayed up till about 1 talking and laughing. I love them! The little boys were pirates and Macy and Brelee made the cutest little bugs- Macy is a labybug and Miss Brelee is a Bee. She won a costume contest for their HOA from costumes ages 0-3. Good Job Brelee!! (I mean Kati! lol)

I think Macy had a fun first Halloween. Between the bridal shower and costumes we were kept busy!

The Pumpkin Patch

The other weekend, can't remember when lol, when went to the pumpkin patch in Snowflake with Lisa and Loren. It was really fun, and really cheap! For some reason I thought you spent more when you went to a patch but not the case at all! It was fun getting to pick the pumpkin and having so many to chose from.
Lisa and Loren
Kyle, Macy, and Me!