Sunday, July 31, 2016


July! July was jammed packed with loving on our new little girl. Between the 5 of us I don't think Ella ever got put down. Kyle was amazing with her and always volunteered to do anything he could. For the first time we had a summer baby so Kyle was home for 3 weeks! It was so nice having him here. He took the kids on walks, bike rides, we went to an art show, and just hung out around the house. We had lots of visitors- my parents, Kathleen and David, Kaleb, Ashley, and Savana Shumway. Bentley and I went on a little Mommy and Son date to A&W, we had a ward pool party, a trip to the valley to get Kyle a gun for his birthday and a birthday party for my brother Steven, and we had a fabulous 4th of July and wrapped it up with Kyle's mom came over and helped him make homemade noodles. Whew! It didn't feel like we did that much but it was a relaxing end to a great summer.