Monday, October 31, 2016

October 2016

This blog isn't in exact order of events in October, but it's all here :) I remember in October really thinking that Ella was getting a little personality. She started inteacting with her toys more and was starting to turn into the baby the kids were looking forward to. Since she's my last baby I've really tried to soak up all her babyhood and she's sure letting me. She won't fall asleep unless you rock her and now we spend a lot of time in the rocking chair.

We did our annual trip to the pumpkin patch and had a little visitor with us this year. My niece Brelee came up to visit for Fall Break and we had a blast having her here.  Kyles sister Kellie and my brother Chris live pretty close to each other and since Kellie and her kids were coming up we talked Brelee into hitching a ride with them. Macy and Brelee played all day every day with very little interruptions.  When Kellie comes up Bentley & Lincoln and London & Ava play so well together and Macy doesn't have a friend her age. It was a nice switch-up for her to have a friend too. We did a lot of crafts and finished it up with the pumpkin patch and our typical Trappers dinner and pie. Yum!

 There was one day that Kyle wanted to go to the temple and we really wanted to be with him. Instead of doing a session we decided to take the family and do a little lesson about how important the temple is. We got some pretty cute pictures of the kiddos and then walked around and sang primary talks and talked. It was a fun family trip.

 The girls school does a cute program called I'm A Kind Kid and they focus on being Bucket Fillers instead of Bucket Emptiers (fill someone's bucket with kind words and deeds). London and Macy both have gotten Bucket Filler awards this year and it's always nice to hear when your kids are good while you're away from them.

Speaking of kind kid- London is such a little Mom. She loves to carry around Ella, play with her, read her stories, and just love on her. I makes me wish I would have spread the kids out a little bit so they could remember having a baby in the family but they'll jus thave to soak up Ella like I'm trying to do :) 

Halloween this year was super fun! The kids had their Halloween Parade and got to dress up in the costumes and walk around the park. Bentley was very excited to see all the costumes and kids. There were lots of super heros and princesses. The next night (I think) was the 31st! The town did their annual Halloween Party which was a lot less crowded than last year thank goodness. They added a spooky hayride that the kids loved. Somewhere in October the Shumways threw a Halloween Party and invited just about everyone. We had a fun scavenger hunt that I swear we should of won- we went so fast I'm not sure how the old people beat us :) Kyle was Jake from State Farm and I was a Petrified Forest Marathon Finisher. We had ran the water stations for the Marathon that day and it's all I had haha.