Monday, April 5, 2010


I just realized I haven't posted on our blog yet that we will soon be a family of four! A new baby is on it's way!
I am due September 14 which leaves me at 17 weeks tomorrow. I can't even believe how fast this pregnancy has been going- with Macy I was constantly doing research and such so I think it felt like it took a lot longer to get to this point!

We find out April 28th if we're having a baby girl or a baby boy.. part of me if rooting for a girl just for the fact that I have everything already... but the other part of me wants a boy because then I would have an excuse to buy stuff :) And I would get to decorate a nursery while I'm pregnant with him. With Macy we were living at Kyle's moms house so I wasn't able to decorate Macy's nursery until she was about 4 months old so I've had this burning itch to decorate a room for this baby before it arrives, but if it's a girl it already has an adorably decorated room.

Kyle wants a boy- he says we've already done a girl, now it's time for a boy :) but we'll be happy with which ever gender the baby is.