Thursday, October 16, 2008

Doggy Bag

Here is a picture of our "doggy bag" that Alli was talking about in her last post.

Poor Zeus he looks a little rough haha

Thanks Mike

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Mom is like... A-Mazing!

Wow what a busy weekend we had! Kyle got Friday off so that we could go down to the valley to attend Jason and Emily's wedding (his nephew), that was really cool like always. We had Zeus with us because we couldn't leave him at home because no one was there... so we stuck him in his purse and handed him off to Kyle's other nephews to stand outside with him while we attending the sealing :) Then we went over to Old Country Buffet and took Zeus in the purse... we were doing really good hiding him until the waitress eyed me putting food in my purse :) She was cool though and didn't say anything to us :) Then we took off to Buckeye and hung out with my mom and went to her recipe card class... and that's about it on Friday

Saturday we took a little trip down to Tucson to see Chris, Kati, and the boys... My parents recently got a new TV so Chris got their old one and he was so super excited about it. We were a little nervous though because on our way down there it fell over in the back of the truck.. ooops... but when Chris turned it on and said "Cool- it works!" Mom Kyle and I were really relieved, we hadn't told Chris that it fell over until after it started working. The boys are getting so big- Nathan will be a year next month and man the time flies by! He's so big! Kati is like the most amazing sister-in-law ever and gave me a kit that she had made up to make a quiet book with. There were actually two, a bible stories one and the one that I have pictures further down in this post. Mom and I got to work on them when we got home and didn't stop until we finished the fun stuff one. The bible one will take a little bit more work so that's not finished yet...

Check out how AMAZING my mom is though and how absoutely good they look! I would like to take credit and say I made it- but my mom would just come up with the cutest ideas and I would say "OK!" and she would make it happen :) I did cut stuff out and iron stuff, and all the sewing and cuteness was from her :) My favorite page is the trains- I love it!

This is the front...

First page- the cat is fuzzy and you can tie and untie the bow

The flowers come off of the buttons, and the lady bug zips and has the baby lady bugs in it
I think this one is self explanatory...

This is mom's purse and a clock... i need to put little things in the purse still.. and the clock hands move

The shoe ties... and you have to match the shapes with the corresponding shape and color... as you can see with the orange diamond...

This one is my favorite! I love how it looks! You can fill the yellow and red cars and you count the buttons.. I think it looks so cute!
This one i think might be my mom's favorite- the bear is a minky fabric- super super soft and the pillow on the bed is minky too- you put the bear inside the bed.. I love it!
See! Isn't my mom AMAZING?! I KNOW!