Saturday, February 28, 2015

Derek and Alison are MARRIED!

February, 13th my little brother got MARRIED to a SUPER cute girl named Alison. During all the wedding planning I slipped in a little and suggested they fly one of my best friends out from Oregon to do their wedding photos. She a great photographer and I got to hang out with my friend! Win-Win for everyone. Whitney flew out a few days before the wedding and we spent an ENTIRE day shopping. It was so much fun. Kyle kept Macy and London here in Holbrook and I took Bentley down with me, so with one kid shopping was a piece of cat. My Mom and I both needed to find an outfit for the wedding and we nailed it. My mom looked so good in her dress and I picked out a super cute black skirt and grey shirt that will work with many other outfits. Yay! The next day we went down to Tucson to get some photos at a little resort. Alison was making her own wedding cake (which turned out so good!!) so we went to her to make sure they got some pictures other then the ones that everyone else has at the temple. We got back late that night and headed to Mesa the next morning to get Alison and Derek hitched. I met Kyle and the girls in the parking lot long enough to put their girls tights on, do their hair, and pass them off to Whitney and my Grandpa while Kyle and I went in for the ceremony.

Whitney got this adorable picture of the girls and my Grandpa outside of the temple reading books. He is seriously the best grandpa.

 The whole crew! We'll go from left to right- top row, then all the kids! Aunt Steph, Uncle David, Amber, Meghan, Steven, Easton, Kyle, Me, Bentley, Alison, Derek, Mom, Dad, Chris, Grandma Benich, Preston, Kati, Emali, Grandma Bochat, Grandpa Bochat, Jack, Macy, London, Travis, Nathan, Brelee, Wesly! Whew!
 Just the Carbonneau/Gardners
 Steven, Me, Alison, Derek, and Chris!
 Gotta get a goofy one in there!
 Aww! Aren't we cute?!

We all loaded up after the photos and went to Hometown Buffet for some fabulous lunch, it was seriously so good. I'm not sure if it was so good because I was so hungry or it was just so good. I love buffets for the fact that my kids have TONS to choose from, and if they get something and they don't like it then I didn't just waste a bunch of money! After lunch we headed over to Steven and Meghans for a bit and then headed down to Tucson. We got there just in time to pick up a picture of the bride and groom to display at their sign in table and got there about 15 minutes before the reception started. Alison's parents had some very yummy Mexican food catered in and the kids just enjoyed dancing through the night. My parents headed home and Kyle and I took our family to Chris and Kati's house. Kati made us some AMAZING waffles for breakfast, complete with strawberries, whipped cream, biscoff, and nutella. My mouth waters just thinking about them. Kati had heard about a little farm that was pretty close to their house that just opened and we figured it would be a great little activity for the kids, so off we went! I swear my kids should have been raised on a farm- they love everything animals. The were in awe right away with the little baby goats.
 They had a little farmers market going on outside and we met up with a girl that showed up around the farm. Macy found her calling as a bunny whisper, they settled right in with her and she held this bunny for quite a while.

 Bentley tried the bunny for about a half a second and then moved onto the bigger and cooler animals- this huge tortoise!

 After the farm we watched Wesly and Travis play some football, stopped at a few stores on the way out for some last minute shopping, and headed home.

Kati took this picture for us while we were at the temple and I love it. I printed out a similar one but in a different pose that London is smiling in, but I love how you can see the temple in this one. It has been almost 3 years since our last nice family picture, and almost 4 since I had one printed out. I love our family!

It was quite the busy week but it was so fun!