Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We had another ultrasound and it's still a girl, which is a relief that we don't have to take a bunch of baby girl stuff back now :) I've gained 4 lbs so far... which doesn't sound like enough to me but the doctor said because I was sick for my first trimester it doesn't worry him, so that's good. I definitely have my appetite back and this part of being pregnant is much better than the first 12 weeks. I've started to feel her move, mostly at night... sometimes during the day when I'm watching TV or something but not too much. At the ultrasound she was sleeping, the ultrasound tech kept like shoving the thing into my tummy to try and wake up her and she opened her eyes, flipped off the camera, and went back to sleep :) Not really, but we have a picture where it really looks like she's flippin us off- I'll have to post them when Kyle gets home, I don't know how to work his mom's scanner...

School started last week, I wasn't aware of that though so to me it starts this week :) My NPC class started last night, so I figured my NAU class would start the same time, and everywhere I looked for my class it said Aug 25, which was Monday so I figured it would start this Thursday right?!.. Wrong. She didn't change her syllabus dates from last semester, so i missed our first class. I don't feel like it was my fault though- I just read the dates she gave us! But whateve, just another thing to add to my "Why School Hates Me" list. I'm taking a sign language course from NPC and we found out that if 4 more people don't enroll by Friday then it's going to be cancelled. yes- we get our money back, but it's just one more class that I would have to do with a baby- I would just rather get it done now. Hm- I hope it all turns out fine.

My Mom and Whitney came for the ultrasound, it was so fun having them here. They drove up on Sunday after church and we spent Sunday night making baby girl burp rags. They are so stinkin' adorable. I have so many little crafts for the baby that I want to do- I'm so excited. They turned out so cute and I feel like we did a really good job with using different colors and not just pink :) Thanks Mom and Whitney! You guys ROCK!

Here's a picture of whitney and the baby :) The belly I have so far, not very big, but I'm starting to show so that's exciting!

A cute pic of me and whitney :) Click on them to make them bigger so you can see the rags better if you would like ;)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm procrastinating...

Thank you for the tag Alicia! I was running out of excuses not to start on my Biology Essays :)

Four Places I've Lived:
1. In Joseph City. That's right, that's where my roots began. We lived there for my whole first year of life :)
2. The Sunora house. That was probably my favorite house. I tell Kyle if we ever build a house and have lots and lots of $ I want to build that house again for us to live in
3. In Mesa, like 3 different apartments.
4. In Holbrook.

Four Favorite Books:
1. Harry Potter... cliche I know, but I loved them :)
2. Twlight and Eclipse... I would say the other two, but those weren't my favorite..
3. The Face... it was the first book I ever read by myself (willingly) it's a murder mystery
4. Man oh man... I'll go with... Green Eggs and Ham

Four Favorite Movies:
1. Remember the Titans. There was a time in HS where I literally watched this movie several times every Sunday. I had the entire movie memorized. Beginning to end. Even the songs. I love it.
2. The Lion King
3. Aladdin
4. Um, right now.. Stick It. so funny.

Four Embarrassing Facts About Me:
1. I drooled all over the arm of my very first boyfriend when I was 14... nice.. i know.
2. In 6th grade we were playing Red Rover and I was called... I hauled butt to the other line of linked armed 6th graders and I was clothes-lined. My feet flew over my head and I landed flat on my back. When I opened my eyes I had about 10 of my fellow students staring at me in a circle. Totally something you would see on a movie.
3. In 7th grade a roach crawled across the floor right under my desk and i jumped up and asked if cockroaches bite. The whole class laughed at me. I felt so dumb.
4. In HS we were at swim team and everyone one was done and I was swimming into the wall and popped my head up and said "I smell... DUCKIE" (from the land before time) and everyone stared at me like I was crazy. Stormy looked at me in horror and quickly saved me by fake laughing and then saying "Inside Joke!". We both started laughing hysterically. Now it really is an inside joke :)

Four Dreams of Mine:
1. To have everything scrapbooked from New York...
2. Own my own house that I can paint :)
3. Have a golden retriever to be friends with Zeus
4. To go back to New York and see like 10 broadway shows

Four Pet Peeves:
1. when there is like 3 seconds left on the microwave and someone opens it and leaves the 3 seconds on there. JUST WAIT 3 SECONDS FOR PETE'S SAKE
2. Leaving cabinet doors open
3. LAME excuses. I don't mind excuses, but lame ones (those ones that someone says then you think about them later and you're like.. you did not really try that excuse did you?!) are dumb
4. bills.

Four things that make me Really Happy:
1. Seeing my mom
2. After I do a craft and it turns out cuter than I thought it woul dbe.
3. That I'm going to be a mom in like.. 22 weeks (approximately)
4. Getting a really tough assignment done and getting a good grade

Four people I tag:
1. Kati
2. Tara
3. Meghan
4. Stephanie!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


About two months ago our family (chris&Kati, steven&meghan, and mom&dad) had planned a trip to go to San Diego for a few days and hit the beach. Some of us were going to go to Sea World and some weren't.. some of us were staying at this place and some were staying at another... so about 2 weeks before we were supposed to go we all decided to go camping instead. It would be much less stressful, more time together, and much less gas money :)
So we called all our extended family on my mom's side and got the whole gang together and went camping. We had so many of us there! To some of you it might not sound like a lot, but to a small family it does! I think the end count was like 27 kids and adults.
The ride up there was only supposed to take us 1 hour and 45 minutes.....
We got on the road and about 30 miles outside of flag the tread on one of the tires came off. So here we are going like 15 miles an hour down the side of the freeway.... it seriously took us like an hour to get 15 miles (that's what 15 miles an hour means i guess huh?) well after about an hour and a half we got to a little tire place in Winona (which is just outside flag) and he fixed our tire almost immediately.
We knew my parents would be getting to Flagstaff sometime soon so we went to Best Buy and had to buy Kyle a charger for his computer ($89 for a CHARGER!!) and then I wanted to go see if Old Navy had any baby clothes on sale so we went and bought our little one 2 adorable outfits!!
Then we found out my parents were having car trouble also and probably wouldn't be in Flag for who knew how long, so we decided to go to Wendy's and get something to eat... so we drive through and just pull into the parking stop right in front of the drivethrough so kyle didn't have to eat while he drove. I got half of my sandwich down and my stomach didn't like it very much. I opened the door as fast as I could so i didn't pew all over the car and everything just started coming out. I felt really bad for all the people in the drivethrough line watching me throw up all the food that they were about to eat.... :(
Anyway- my parents made it faster than we thought and we met up with them at Sam's Club, got the last few camping essentials and were off to the campsite. From the time we left our house to the campsite it was about 5 hours...
Through out the weekend we had people coming and going but we had so much fun with whoever was there at the time. There is just something calming to me about the forest and not having to be on a schedule. I think I looked at a clock like twice in 4 days. If we were hungry, we ate. If we were tired, we slept. I didn't bring my cell phone so I didn't get anyone calling me- it was just... nice!
And there's just something about a campfire... every night we would come to the campfire and share stories and talk.. not necessarily about something important, we just all talked and enjoyed each others company.
When I was little we used to go camping like 3 or 4 times a year, and I loved it! I really hope our family will start going more, I guess we just have to start planning it more because I really want my kids to enjoy that in their childhood.

I'm a bum and completely forgot my camera, but Kati and Meghan were both there taking pics and they should have some up soon so I'll steal some from them :)

Rio Rocks

Update on Bio Test!

So my teacher can't open it up to me again because I submitted it... BUT she did change the grade to reflect the answers I had and how many were right, so my grade isn't a D anymore. I am soo very grateful because my last teacher wouldn't have batted an eyelash to change anything and she did.. so yay!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Just let me move on...

Have you had that one thing in your life that it seems just can't go right? No matter how hard or how long you possibly try, you just fail every time?! It has to be one of the most frustrating things I've had in my life so far. This may sound pathetic, but it's true. Biology and I just don't like each other. There's just something about me that makes Biology say "nope, she can't move on."

I had a "take-home" test in my Biology course, which means it's an online test and you get to use your book and notes and what not. I had taken half the test and decided I needed to save it so I didn't lose anything. I scrolled down to the bottom of the page, and found the "save" button right next to the "submit" button. I concentrated VERY hard to hit the "save" button because I didn't want to screw this up. Somehow, I apparently pressed submit. I got a 92 out of 200 on my test. Since I only answered half the questions, it makes me think if I would have done the entire test I would have gotten a pretty decent score. My grade went from a 92% to a 62%. I sent an e-mail to my teacher asking if there was anything I could do, but there's been no response yet.

I have never had this much trouble with a course before, and it's a 100 level course. I just don't know what to do anymore. It really seems like I just can't win. Ugh- I have to go do a lab report now, for here on out I have to do VERY well on my tests and labs so I can pass...