Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Macy Girl!

I can't believe how fast Macy has learned to talk. When London came she could say about 20 words and now there are too many to name. Some of the fun things about Macy since I last posted about her:

She LOVES processed cheese. This girl will stop doing anything for cheese. When I asked her what she wants for lunch or if she's hungry the answer is always "Cheese!".

She has recently learned that after we pray, it's her bedtime. While my parents were here we asked her to come say family prayer and she started crying and saying NO PRAY! as she ran away from us. She knew she had to go to bed when we were done.

She has learned when to say "Bless You" and it's adorable. London sneezes pretty often and so Macy always says "Bwess you Wondon"- adorable.

She loves to sing. In church a few Sunday's ago she took the hymn book out and just started goin' to town. It would have been fine if it was durin the song and not during someone's testimony.

She can't say Grandma. She calls all her grandparents Grandpa.

She knows exactly where the candy and cookies are at Grandma Gardners house and always heads right to them when she goes over there. Grandma Gardner only has oreo cookies and for some reason Macy really doesn't like them- she wants to like them, but doesn't. She will keeping getting an oreo hoping it will taste different then the last one.

Everything is Milk. Just because she says "Want milk" it doesn't mean she wants milk.

She loves books and story time at the Library. This girl could be read books all day long if she could have her way.

She loves her baby sister. When London cries she says "Wondon's sad" and always tries to give London her paci. She's a sweetheart.

She is very polite and always tried to make you think your jokes are funny. She is the biggest fake laugher EVER. She fake laughs over EVERYTHING.

Macy surprises us every day with how much she is learning and understands. She is such a sweet little girl and loves hugs and kisses. She's our Macy Girl.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2010 Pumpkin Patch!

Last year we took our first visit to the pumpkin patch and decided we should make it a tradition! Here is this years visit to the pumpkin patch with the Larsons.
Macy was obsessed with pushing the wheelbarrow.
London just chilled and slept :) Oh the life of a newborn.
Kyle, Macy, and Lorin looking for a pumpkin.

London Newborn Pictures

Cindy Carroll took some awesome pictures of Macy, London, and I when London was about 3 weeks old. I think they pretty much speak for themselves.

Meeting London

My mom went back to Holbrook about an hour after London was born and came back later that morning with Miss Macy to meet her little sister. She wasn't too sure what to think of her at first- and that didn't really change until recently. Enjoy the pictures!
I love this picture of Kyle and London. He really does love his little girls.
We asked Dr. Tindall to take a picture with us and his response was "In this shirt?!" - It was 2 in the morning and he had just thrown on some jeans and an Aeropostale shirt. Ya, my doctor's cool.
Grandma Carbonneau and baby London.
Kyle, Macy, and London
Our little family.


I know- I promised pictures of London 2 months ago and I haven't updated. Please forgive me, there's a reason for that.

The day we came home from the hospital, somehow the dogs got out of the backyard and Zeus was unfortunately hit by a car. I couldn't move on in my blog without saying something about him, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it yet. Kyle and I got Zeus when he was 6 months old- about a month after we got married. He was part of our family from the very start of it. One of our "firsts" together. When we moved to Holbrook, as most of you know, I had a really hard time here but it was always comforting to have Zeus to cuddle with when Kyle was at the school late.

Zeus used to sit by the window and watch for Kyle to come home- it was the cutest thing. Once he saw one of our vehicles he would go CRAZY and we always knew some one was home.

He loved ice cream and canned dog food- and getting into mischief. I remember one time he had gotten out at Kyle's mom's house and when he came home his face was FULL of stickers. He was a little guy and there were probably 50-60 stickers just on his eye. At first I thought we were going to find stickers in his actual eye because it was completely covered, but luckily there wasn't- it was just so knotted you couldn't see anything under the stickers. Crazy guy.

He slept in bed with us and would keep our feet warm during the winter. When we first got him Kyle refused to let him sleep with us- until one night I fell asleep watching a movie in the bedroom and had forgotten to put Zeus in his crate so Zeus just slept with me. Kyle got home after I had fallen asleep and just crawled into bed. In the morning I asked Kyle if he noticed Zeus was with us and he said nope- and that's when I talked him into letting him sleep with us, he didn't even notice he was in the bed!

I guess if you've never had an animal so special to you, you probably won't understand, but that's okay. He was my baby before I had any and our family will never forget Zeus.