Thursday, May 22, 2008

Senior Trip

We left Joseph City at 9:30 pm on Sunday night, and after a LONG and somewhat sleepless night, we arrived at Anaheim, CA at 6:30 am Monday morning. We had our first day (which was also our anniversary!) at Disneyland and California Adventure. We met Stormy, Becky, and Cheyenne there, so that was really fun to be able to hang out with them too. We didn't do any of the roller coasters, because I'm a little bit paranoid of having another miscarriage, but the rides we did do were really fun! My favorite would have to be the Buzz Lightyear ride, where you shoot the bad guys with your lazers, Kyle did really well, but he didn't realized how skilled of a Space Commander I am :) We ate dinner that the Blue Bayou (the one you see when you go on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disneyland , it was soo good! I had the steak and it seriously melted in my mouth! It was sooo good!
The next day was spent at Knotts Berry Farm... it was fun for the most part. I made Kyle go on the rides even though I didn't... I LOVE roller coasters so it kind of sucked for me, but it was fun for the kids and Kyle. That night we went to the Medieval Times Dinner Show... it was alright, I probably wouldn't pay money to go to... but it was fun for getting in free :) They had REALLY bad actors... REALLY bad... but it was fun to see all the stunts and stuff.
Wednesday we went to Universal Studios Hollywood. By Wednesday I was soo exhausted! I have been really tired lately anyway, and staying up late and being at Amusement parks all day just really wore me out. I had a lot of fun seeing all the different movie sets and stuff, but I think I was too tired to show that I was having fun :) I was a volunteer in the special effects thing they did. They put me on the green screen and stuff, that was really fun. Wednesday night we left at about 7:00 pm and got back to Joseph City at around 4 am... I got to sleep in till 10, but Kyle had to be at work at 8 that morning, poor guy!
I probably would have been able to have more details... but I was exhausted the entire time :(


Stormy said...

I meant to ask you how your dinner went! I'm glad it was good! It was so fun seeing you guys there, one day when i'm married too we'll have to plan a trip together! :)

Jennifer said...

I am so happy for the baby news. What an exciting thing! When are you due? By the way, months later, I finally did the tag:)