Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Learn when to stop talking

I kind of yelled at someone yesterday...
Not too bad...
But she was being dumb...

Kyle and I decided to go to a convenient store for lunch...
I'm paying for our stuff
clerk- How far along are you?
me (with a very accomplished smile on my face)- almost 35 weeks!
clerk- Oh wow, so you still have a ways to go..
me (absolutely shocked that this lady just said I had a ways to go)- Don't tell me that! I have gone 35 weeks and I only have 5 left, 5 weeks is NOT a long way to go!
clerk- o. are you having a boy or a girl?
me (still kind of annoyed)- a girl.
clerk- wow- you look really big for a girl
me (where is this lady trying to go with me here?)- umm... I'm kind of a little person, she doesn't really have anywhere to go
clerk- I had 3 girls and I looked smaller than you
Me (really annoyed thinking, well you are a really big person!!!)- cool.

We walked out and Kyle asked me if I was a little emotional today... what do you think?


Alicia said...

What the heck?! That's so rude! You'd think that because she had been pregnant before, she'd have more sense. Go figure.

KathyCarbs said...

I think you should have poked the lady in the nose!
Its almost over! :)

Elizabeth said...

Wow. Even some people that have the right experience (like being pregnant) just don't seem to learn from it! That was pretty rude.

Tay and Krissy said...

I don't know if you remember me but I was in the MCC ward with you and I married Taylor Williams about a month after you guys got married.

Anyway, I'm prego too (24 weeks) and I don't blame you at all. I would have gone off on that woman! :) I think you're good for keeping your cool. :) haha!


Kyle & Alli said...

This is for Krissy- of course we remember you guys! It was our little marriage group! ha ha- congrats on your pregnancy! I tried to look at your guys' blog but it was blocked! Invite us, and
It was great hearing from you!
Alli and Kyle

Brent & Jodie said...

What an idiot! One time some lady told me how thankful she was that she could get pregnant and have her "own" children and didn't have to adopt. Yea, some people are just stupid. :)

ChrisRae&Statt said...

honey I'm suprised the Clerk lived and you would have been totally justified.

A lady did a similar stupid thing to me in a n airport talking about how huge my son was I all about big babies but she was asking me if he had a health risk...She told me she took her son form the hospital when he was 1pound! I said, no you didn't your an idiot, and walked away. Hormones last well in to breast feeding believe me.

I'm so excited your so close...the end is near!