Sunday, August 24, 2014

Picnic at the Park

Every year Kyle has 2 Saturday's that he has to go to a Teacher Development Day. The kids and I decided that just because Dad had to work didn't mean we had to :) We did our normal Saturday chores in the morning and then headed over to Mickey D's for some Happy Meals. We took our lunch to the party and had a nice picnic. Afterward the kids went and played and I hung out under the tree in the shade. It was a beautiful Saturday.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Route 66 Festival

 Holbrook had our first ever Route 66 Festival. It was held down at West End Park and they had everything Route 66ish. The kids favorite thing was "the noodle man". Actually, as I'm typing this I have London and Bentley next to me saying "can we go see Noodle Man?!" They loved to go hug it and punch it, it was a love hate relationship.

 Along with vendors, a potato derby, and entertainment- they had a burn out. I had never been to one before and it was pretty fun to watch all the rubber burn off the tires.
 That night The Roxy Theatre showed "Cars" in correlation with the festival, for free! Macy and London loved it and Bentley got pretty restless.

 The next day we went back over to the festival for free hotdogs and to watch Kyle's friend Lane play in his band. It was a fun family day!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bentley's 2nd Birthday Party

Last Thursday we decided we should probably do SOMETHING for Bentley's birthday- so we invited some friends over the following evening for some cake and ice cream. Bentley loves trains lately so I found a super cute -and easy- train on Pinterest to make. It was the perfect little project for London to help me with during nap time.
 We used cupcakes, grahmn crackers, oreo bites, frosting, mini m&m's, and fudge sticks to make little train cars! cute huh?! And so easy.

 This little boy was a little bit of a grump! About 2 hours before his party he starting coughing and had a super runny nose. Poor guy. He got a little happier as friends arrived, but he was kind of out of it.We had Grandma Gardner, Emily and Jason and their boys Justin, Kaden, and Logan, Lorin and Lisa with their girls Bella and new baby Hannah, Amy and Justin with their girls Bella and Lucy, and Kathleen, David, and Kaleb come to celebrate with us.
 We took all the little kids outside and let them play in the backyard for 45 minutes or so and then headed back inside for cupcakes, ice cream, and presents. The kids were pretty excited to dive in. Here is Kaleb, Macy, London, Kaden, and Bella checking it out.
 The sang to Bentley and then he got to blow out his candles.

 Just as we were getting ready to open presents it started POURING outside. Bella was too excited and just had to play in the rain. This girl LOVES the rain, she was drenched!
 Bentley opening his presents...
 I think he was most excited for his Cardinals Hat. He opened it up and got SO excited "HAT!! It's a HAT!!".
 His big gift was a train! He has been loving his "choo choo train" and plays with it daily. The girls also like it, so that's a bonus!