Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sirius Radio

So "the other day" I was riding with someone who had satellite radio in their car and I was hooked. Ever since then i have caught myself looking for deals on just the receivers or how much a month subscription is, you know all the things you do before you start to bug your wife about how much we "need" it :)

So last Sunday Uncle Glenn shows up and asks what i know about Satellite radio because he just rode in his sons car and he had it and was hooked. So within a few minutes we had ordered him one online.

Saturday when he cam over so that I could install it I had to "try it out" in my car :) you know so that we he showed up I could make sure I could do it. Well that was the final straw I took Alli for a ride with it and we were both hooked :)

Now we are both wating for our new radios to come in later this week haha and to top it off Brian came over today and uncle Glenn made him go listen to it in his truck and he ended up ordering him on too.

So now I wait like a kid on christmas eve for my new Sirius Radio to come in :) I'll let you know how it goes.
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What's a compliment?!

I haven't figured out what a compliment is when your pregnant. I feel like I'm huge. I do. I know that I'm going to get a lot bigger as the weeks go by, but I've been growing for 6 months now- give me some credit here! At church, people ask how far along I am and I say 24 weeks, or they ask when I'm due and I say "Around January 15th"... and I get the same answer with everyone "WOW! Are you kidding me?! You're hardly showing at all. I would have never guessed that!" But then again I was in the kitchen and Kyle says "Man Alli- you look huge" (Side note: I had just gotten done telling him that it bugs me when people tell me I look tiny, so he was trying to make me feel better, but it definitely didn't work)
Then I look at pictures and I'm like.. ya I don't look very big, but I feel big. That's why I haven't posted pictures, I just don't feel like there is much to show :( But none of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit. none. which is understandable because I'm pregnant!

So what's a compliment?! I'm 6 months pregnant and you're telling me I don't look big, okay so do I just ALWAYS look this fat or something?!

I guess with a pregnant-hormonal-emotional women nothing is a compliment. Or maybe that's just a normal woman too...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baby Bows and Bugs!

Two weekends ago when we were down in Tempe,Kyle had a leadership conference thing at ASU so we took 8 of his kids and did that, and then went to an ASU game that night- it was a lot of fun! Anyway- a leadership conference didn't sound too appealing to me, so my mom and Jolene met up with us and picked me up and we went shopping :) We went to Ribbons and Lace in Mesa first to find some ribbon to I can make some baby girl bows. We were walking around and we noticed these two garbage bags full of ribbon, we looked at them and said MAN that's a lot of ribbon, and just kind of went on our way. A little later I started getting bored (I'm not a good shopper, I get tired of a store REALLY fast- Kyle likes that about me though I think) so I went back to check out these bags full of ribbon. It wasn't just ribbon- it was much much more! There were elastic for headbands, already made bows, halfway made bows, big flowers to make bows with, and much much more! I picked it up and said "I think I'm going to get this" and Jolene looked at it and said "well- i think I'm going to have to get the other one!" They were only $20!! That was super exciting. It was a bunch of scrap pieces that they can't sell because they've already been cut, but there were certainly enough yardage on some to make bows, and others we can find something else to do with. But seriously, it was a killer deal.

I spent this last weekend in Buckeye with my mom. We had so much fun! We were looking online for bow making instructions because I wanted to do different kind of bows then the ones I had been making, and this is what we found! The first thing we made were these adorable bug bows! I took pictures with the outfits that I thought they should go with....

The first is bumble bees... the shirt says "cute as a bug"

These are the butterflies... the shirts themselves have the matching colors of butterflies on them, we thought they matched pretty well :) And these will all go on headbands.. I'm doubting baby girl will have much hair :)

And this is probably my personal favorite.. the lady bugs!!! We actually didn't have this skirt the night we made the bugs, we found it the next day at Babies R Us and I just had to have it- it was on sale and it matched the lady bug with the white dots.. I LOVE it!

This one is the cork screw- they are sooo dang easy to make- and really fun too! I love this outfit too.. yay I'm so excited!
This bow was a little bit more complicated, but it was easier when we figured out what we were doing :)
And this one is a tinier bow because this is a newborn outfit, we figured they usually have tinier heads :) It might be one of my favorites too.
I should probably do a little pregnancy update too for the whole "journaling purpose" or what not :) Lately I have been feeling great! I'm completely past being sick which is AMAZING. I feel her moving around soo much, she usually is pretty active in the morning and then usually feel her a little through out the day, mostly depending on what I'm doing- if I'm busy at the school I don't really feel her that much, but it's probably because I'm not thinking about it.. and then I feel her a lot in the evenings. It's so cool to me that there is a little person in there! :) We haven't decided on a name- I don't think we will until we meet her. We have about 5 names between Kyle and I that we really like- but my favorite isn't his and his isn't mine :) It'll work out though I'm sure. I'm still totally happy with my Dr. he is such a nice guy! His office is sometimes really hectic, but what do you expect with all these pregnant ladies right?! :)

Everything else is pretty much the same around here.. Kyle and I see eachother on Monday nights and Friday nights (when the HS doesn't have a football game) and sometimes Saturdays.. but that's about all.. busy busy. Life is good.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Pictures to come! And tellers that can't read...

SOON! I promise, soon (later tonight) I will post pictures of some of my bows, my diaper bag, the baby, and some of my growing belly! I just need Kyle to get home with the camera... in the mean time... I'm going to share a story...

I had a check that I needed to deposit in our account but it was in Kyle's name, not mine. So I just wrote Deposit only on the back and gave them my debit card so they could get the account number. I pulled into the drive through and sent my stuff in. What I got back was my check cashed and my card. First of all, I wrote DEPOSIT ONLY on the back of my check, second of all- it wasn't in my name so why did she give me cash for it? and third of all, if you get cash back you are supposed to show them ID to verify you are the person on the card and on the check. NONE of these things were done, so I went into the Wells Fargo and I told the teller what had happened. I gave her the money and told her if I wanted CASH I would have asked for cash, but I wanted it DEPOSITED and that's why I said Deposit only! Ugh. Anyway- they made me frustrated. I would have rather them say that I couldn't deposit it because kyle didn't put it in my name then just cash it when it's not signed or anything. Ugh. Dumb tellers.

Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm getting so excited to be a mom! I know I have a little while more to go, but I seriously can't believe that I'm half way done. I'm so happy that I'm not sick anymore and that I can just enjoy being pregnant right now. I've been feeling her kick a lot more lately, mostly in the late afternoon and right before I go to bed. Not so much in the morning, but as I get bigger I'll probably notice more of a trend. I totally felt her move like all the way across my tummy though, that was really cool! She seriously was at one side of my tummy and completely just moved to the other side, sooo weird!

We have a few names that we've picked out that we like, but we don't think we'll name her till we meet her. So for now we just call her baby, her, or she ha ha. I bought a really cute diaper bag when I went to Show Low for my last appointment. I thought it was cheap for 20 dollars and when I went to the register it was only 15, score! My sister-in-law Kati taught we how to make bows! I'm so excited! We were all down in Buckeye for my Dad's birthday and Kati brought some supplies to show me how. Now I have like 10 of them, I'm definitely going to need to take my bows with me when we go baby clothes shopping ha ha.

Well there was a little up-date. Life is just moving right along.
Love you All!