Saturday, January 14, 2012

She's 3!

Macy turned 3! I still don't feel like she should be three, but I suppose she is. This third birthday was the LAST thing to put in her baby book, I'm still kind of aw struck about that. To celebrate Miss Macy's 3rd Birthday we had a Pizza Party! In attendance we had Grandma and Grandpa Carbonneau, Chris & Kati, their crew, Grandma Gardner, and Kym. We had pizza, cake (Macy picked German Chocolate, smart girl), and some ice cream. The best part of having a birthday party at Mr. G's is their projector/wall to watch a movie! The adults chatted a bit and the kids played with Macy's new toys, watched the movie, and just ran around. It was a great way to celebrate our little girl. 

 Macy was super lucky and got some really cool presents! We have her the baby twins to go with her dollhouse, Aunt Kym gave her Moon Sand, Chris and Kati gave her "Brown Bear Brown Bear'' (which she reads ALL the time) and two bracelets, Grandma and Grandpa Carbonneau gave her a velcro sandwich set and a cooker dress (an apron), and Grandma Gardner gave her a Cheerleader Doll. She made out pretty good. 

Thank you to everyone that joined us for the party, it was super fun and I'm glad we got to spend it with family!