Monday, May 26, 2008

Baby Info.

According to online calculators, I am 6 weeks and 4 days along, and I'll be due January 15 if that's all true. My first prenatal appointment is either this Wednesday or this Thursday (i forgot which one so I'll have to call the doctor :) ). I'm only 6 weeks and my pants are already getting tight on my waist! Not fair! I have to do that whole suck-in-to-button-up-my-pants-thing. I haven't gained any weight, but my pants are definitely tighter. I'm starting to feel sickness, yuck. But I'm trying a mental approach to it, maybe if I think hard enough "I'm not going to get sick" it'll work, probably not- but wish me luck! ha ha. I'll let everyone know after my appointment if the online calculators were right or not :)


Carbonneau said...

get out the peppermint tea! hope you don't get too sick! I heard you are going to be doing some lifeguard managing?! congrats!

Jesse & Amber said...

Holy cow!! I leave town for a couple of days, and miss out on news like this! congratulations guys! how fun! and by the way, my clothes got pretty tight early on too. it wasn't my favorite stage. and let me know if the mental approach works. that would be great. congrats again!!!