Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Family Names

For about a year I have trying to be really good about doing family names when we attend the temple. I have lots of family that has been doing tons of geneology so we are a little behind on the temple ordinance side. I counted the cards that I still have and we have done 143 ordinances in the last year! I think there are a little more then that, but those are the ones I have proof of. I feel like doing family names brings a whole different feeling with going to the temple. It is more meaningful to me knowing that these savings ordinances are for people that are directly related to me. We have lots to do, but I'm happy with how much we've been able to do.

Moms day out!

We have a group of young moms that get together once in a while for crafts and play dates for the kids and decided we needed a little Mom playdate of our own. We found a Saturday that worked, left the kids to the husbands, and took a day trip down to the valley for some shopping and girl time. We left early that morning, enjoyed a car ride full of music and chit chat, and then ventured off to the stores. We ate way too much at Cheesecake Factory and spent more money on our kids then ourselves, but it was so fun and so nice to get away for a whole day.

Our Box Troll

We rented "The Boxtrolls"and it was obviously a much bigger hit with the kids then with the adults. Kyle and I figured it was a one time watch- and the kids aspired to be a Boxtroll when the grew up. Why wait?! London wanted to be a Boxtroll NOW! After 3 weeks of begging and pleading London was dubbed "a boxtroll". She wore it all day for about 3 days and then learned it was a lot harder to stand up after falling down when you're stuck in a box.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Kinder Graduation

Macy graduated from Kindergarten. Macy. graduated. from kindergarten. I know I say it a lot, but I can't believe it! She's really that old! She's really really going to be in 1st grade this coming year. They had a pretty cute little program and set up chairs in their classrooms for parents and grandparents. The kids each drew a picture of themselves and all wore them to be all matchy matchy. They each shared something that they loved about Kindergarten and then Miss Matheny read a book that they had all contributed to. Macy wrote that her favorite part was the Halloween parade and seeing all her friends in costumes. Then they handed out various certificates and diplomas. I'm not sure where they learned it but they all sang a graduation song that was really really cute. Macy has recently said that she's really nervous to not be in Miss Matheny's class but I'm positive she'll rock first grade. This girl loves school. We had a little bit of a rough time at first, but after she got the hang of things she's learned to love it. She loves to read and is awesome at her numbers. The biggest thing  I think she's learned this year is confidence and how to be more independent. She is awesome with taking London to the bathroom during church or running and getting some tissues during church. Two things that she was terrified to do before going to school. She has grown up so much this year and it's so fun to watch.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Kinder Spring Concert

Macy had her preschool program and they are so fun to watch. The theme was being a good sport and they needed to all dress up in sports attire. As I was rummaging through Macy's clothes I realized that we had lots of dance attire, but nothing really "sporty".  I text Kathleen and she sent over some of Kalebs more sporty shirts. We went for a "run, jump, fly" shirt, traded her every day boots for some tennis shoes and through a head band on and called it good. Macy was in the back row this time right next to Baler Reidhead and those two had no idea they were in front of a whole auditorium of people watching them. They talked and giggled the entire time they were up there. After the program I asked Macy what they were talking about and she said they were talking about how fun it would be to swing on all the stuff hanging from the ceiling. At one point they were nose to nose trying to decided who was taller. Maybe next year I'll let her know you're really supposed to sing and do the choreography (which by the way, her music teacher said she pretty much came up with all the dance moves for the kindergartners), but for now I'll just let her giggle with her friend in the back.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

London's 3 yr old Preschool Program

The end of the school year is full of end of the year concerts, graduations, and parties! It started off the girls dance recital and next up was London's preschool program. The 3 year old preschool class gives their parents a small program in the classroom with songs from all the things they have been learning. London is great and remembered her lines all by herself. We have loved Mrs. Fairbanks and Mrs. Richards. Bentley will have Mrs. Fairbanks next year but Mrs. Richards will be retiring; she's been in preschool for like 10 years! London is very excited to be in the 4 year old preschool class next year!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Crazy Hair

This boy had one crazy head of hair. Bed head at it's finest!
 A little hair chop later and there is our handsome boy!

Dance Recital

One of the many perks of living in a small town is that your kids have a lot more opportunities. Part of that is swapping voice lessons for dance lessons :) This is Macy's second year in dance and London's first. Macy likes it, but doesn't really "love" it. London on the other hand loves it and is pretty natural at it. I think next year we will probably try and get Macy into piano lessons and keep London in dance, but we'll see. This year the dance theme was a day in the studio. Loni (the dance teacher) had each class showcase various parts of what goes on in the classroom. They had everything from warm ups, to free dance, to choreographed dance, to the parents picking them up. For a month before the recital Loni had some parents meet one night a week and learn a dance that we all danced to at the recital. I was really nervous to dance on the stage (something I had never done before!) but it wasn't too bad. It was kind of fun! At the end of the dance Kyle came on stage and dumped confetti on all the parents- and boy did that turn into craziness. The kids came on stage after we danced for their bows, but the little kids couldn't help but grab handfuls of the confetti and dumped it on each other. The adults on stage tried to calm the chaos but we didn't do any good at all. There was confetti just about everywhere in the auditorium. It took a good 2 hours with 10-12 people helping to get everything swept up and vacuumed. Good thing the kids enjoyed themselves! Here are our two cuties!