Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Kyle

Happy 27th Birthday Kyle!!!!

On Sunday we were at my parents house and we had home-made (made by my mom, which doesn't happen often so it was extra good!) chocolate cake and played some games. Then yesterday my mom and I went shopping for a Magic Bullet that we gave him (he's obsessed with the info-mercial on it, check it out) and then we headed over to Laveen and went birthday shopping with his mom and he got the game Apples to Apples and an ice chest. Today (his actual birthday) we have been packing (mostly him though) and right now we're just chillin, it's raining really hard outside so looks like a game and maybe a movie or something is in store for us :)

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Carbonneau said...

Happy Birthday Kyle! When we called to sing it would have been better if Wesly had been awake...But he had crashed already for the night. Trav does best with Wesly's support. :)

So does 27 feel like 30 for reals? Cause Chris and I are right behind ya! yikes.