Saturday, November 7, 2015

Flying in a Helicopter

Soo... we got to ride in a helicopter! A friend of ours Kamron (also our Bishop) went to helicopter school and just passed his test to be able to fly helicopters. He invited us over to get a ride and take some pictures of the schools around town. I was super nervous and excited! He has a small helicopter that seats two- and they sent me up first. I thought it would be a lot scarier, but it didn't really feel "real" if that makes sense. The scariest part was because I was taking pictures, he took the door off on my side. The only thing holding me in was a seat belt- like a seatbelt to a car. Pretty cool stuff! I got to go first and Kyle followed after. Thanks for the ride Bishop!

 Here is Walts Hardware and the Jr. High School.

 The crew seeing up off! Kyle and Tracy (Kamron's wife) in the back and Diesel, London, Bentley, Macy, Hesston, and Baler in the front.
 Holbrook! In the far distance you can see the Joseph City Power Plant.
 Our House!