Friday, September 30, 2016


September! It seems so long ago. This is why I love blogging right when it happens, you remember so much more of the little day to day details that you take for grated. Our days mostly were spent getting the kids to school, Kyle to work, and little Ella sleeping and eating. I'll go over the highlights and then just add some cute pictures we got throughout the month.

We always go Labor Day camping in September but I was pretty nervous to take an infant in the cold. Instead, we opted to go up early one morning and just go home that night. The kids were a little confused about going camping but not taking the tent. We usually just hang out at camp but this year we decided to go check out the Ice Caves. We brought the baby carrier for Ella, strapped her to me and headed down into the cave. Getting into the cave was a little tricky but it was smooth sailing after that.

London was born on Labor Day and her birthday is always pretty close to it. We are going to have to do a birthday party at home pretty soon but this year we were able to do a party camping again. She got lots of shopkins and loved her chocolate cake.

Bentley, for some reason, was having a particularly hard day and didn't want to go to Primary. We ended up just taking him to Grandma's house and he hung out with Kyle's brother Brent and Marie. Brent came down for a couple months to get some medical help and then headed back to New York.

This years Homecoming Parade was much different this year- we just had Ella and Bentley and Kyle was actually able to watch it with us. It was low key but the kids got a ton of candy and had fun. We met up with the Larson's and Mollie and Bentley had a great time sitting next to each other.
Our friends, Steve and Beth Miller, were headed off to a mission to Madagascar (so cool!) and we decided we needed one last date night with them and the Reidheads before they left. We usually do dinner in Snowflake or Show Low but we decided to make a whole afternoon of it and go to Flagstaff. Kyle and I found a fun game on Pinterest about Uno Bowling and decided to try it out. First we stopped at Oregano's and introduce them to Pazookie (a pizza cookie)- which the loved. So yummy. Then we went bowling! It was so fun and I'm pretty sure the entire bowling alley wanted to join us. You bring a deck of cards and just draw from the top. Each number had a different way that you had to bowl (spin in a circle, hop on one leg, other players choose). We love our Miller/Reidhead dates and are really going to miss them! That wraps up September!