Monday, July 14, 2008

4th of July, and then some!

I have been threatened a few times with my life if I don't update so here we go! :)

I don't even remember what we've been up to so I'll just start with 4th of July and see what I can think of :).

We spent the 4th with Kyle's family up here in Joseph City and in Holbrook. That morning we went over to Joe City and walked around their little "quarter carnival" and hung out with people that we saw there... Then we came back to Holbrook and hung out a little with Kellie & karl and Kathleen & David- and of course, their kids and Zeus :)
Marie had this dead tree in the front yard so Kyle and karl decided it was time that it was taken down... So they tied the top of the tree to the back of Kyle's truck (So if it started going toward the house they could pull it away from it) and Karl was on a ladder with a chain saw. I seriously thought the tree was going to land on the house, but the boys knew what they were doing (that's still a little hard to admit) and they took down the tree with no injuries :)
After that adventure we all headed back to Joe City for a b-b-q at Kyle's brothers house. It was so gorgeous outside, not hot at all. There was a slight breeze and everything ::you can be jealous it's ok:: and we had hamburgers and all that jazz. Then we headed over to the Holbrook fireworks.... they were pretty good, it was a really long show and we were super close so I had to lay down in the back of the truck to even see them. We thought Marie's car was going to catch on fire, that was interesting :) They had a ground display going and one of the sparks got taken away and landed on her car- it was fine but it was a little scarey.
The 5th, we went to "The badlands" and had a bonfire with the tree that they chopped down the day before. We set off fireworks and everything.. we know... it's illegal... but there was a police officer there with us, and it was his son that was doing it... so we figured we were alright :)

My friend Whitney got her mission call! yay! She's going to Argentina... I can't remember the exact mission (you know I still love you Whitney) and she couldn't be more excited! We went down to the valley and went to the Temple with her for her first time, that was really fun and exciting to finally have a friend go through! We went to dinner afterward and Steven and Meghan met everyone there so that was really fun.

At my last doctors appointment we got to have a ultrasound and the doctor said the baby is measuring exactly how it should be and that everything looked perfect, so that's really good! I'm pretty sure I'm over being sick... ::knock on wood:: for about a month and a half I couldn't eat hardly anything.. lost weight and all that jazz, but the Doctor gave me some really nice meds and since then I've been able to eat stuff! yay for food! :)
Next time we go in we get another ultrasound and we get to hopefully find out what our baby is! We're hoping it's a human baby and not like a puppy or something ha ha just kidding... we know it's a baby... but a boy or a girl :)

The other night Kyle and I slept on the trampoline.. it was really fun! It was kinda cold toward the middle of the night, and I have seriously 7 bug bites on the side of my face that wasn't on the pillow.. but I liked sleepin outside!! I figured we better have all the fun like that we can right now before we can't do it anymore :)

Well- that's all I got, I hope it was enough entertainment for a few minutes Jody :) love you!


Stormy said...

That's so freaking cool that you guys slept on the trampoline! I'm jealous!

Liz and Trevor Weed said...

Hey Alli!! How are you doing? Hey I wanted to know if you could give me the name of that nausea medicine you said helped you! Thanks!!!

Brent & Jodie said...

Whew, I feel so much better now!! :) I really do miss you guys and I'm glad that you are doing well. Seriously, come visit us. Emma still talks about you guys all the time!

Breezy Skye said...

I love that you guys slept on the trampoline. I haven't done that since I was little.