Saturday, May 31, 2014

Helpin' Grandma in the Yard

The other day we had a fun errands to run so we stopped by Marie's house to see if she needed any help with her yard. The kids had lots of fun watering flowers, helping day with the weed wacker, eating cereal, and finding bugs. It was a beautiful day to be outside. They even got to pick some cherries off of the neighbors cherry tree! 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Week in the Valley

We woke up on Monday morning and decided it was a nice day to go to the valley :) We called my mom, made sure she was going to be home, then packed and left! It's so nice not having anywhere to go! All we knew is we had to be back Thursday for a temple trip, which we didn't end up making anyway because Kyle got an ear infection :( One of the first things we did when we got there was went next door to the neighbors pool! I have been an awful swim mom and none of my children know how to swim. This is so sad to me since I was a lifeguard/swim coach for like 6 summers and one of my goals this summer is for them to be more comfortable with the water and on track to be swimmers. Macy is afraid of the water. Like, the water is going to eat me afraid, so it's been rough. I signed her up for swimming lessons in July so hopefully it will go better with someone else teaching her.

A big "to do" while we were done there was getting together the van bins for the Race Across America! There are quite a few odd and end things that go in the bins, so my Mom, Macy, and I took a day and gathered up and purchased all the stuff we need for them. I was kind of in heaven with the organization of it all :) It was pretty gun! The bins are all ready!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Vegas in a day!

My awesome cousin Amber got married this weekend! With graduation on Friday night and her wedding on Saturday at 1:00PM we had our work cut out for us on getting there on time, but we made it with time to spare :) We woke up bright and early at 5:00am, left around 6:30am, and pulled into Vegas right at noon. The kids had a blast playing around the temple grounds together, even with Bentley telling all the kids every 5 seconds to not pick the flowers, then proceeding to pick them himself. He's lucky he's so cute. 

In between the sealing and wedding reception be had a good 3-4 hours to kill, so we did what we can only do in the big cities- shopping! We stopped at JcPenny first where we had to take back a suit coat that we had ordered for Kyle to get a size smaller, and pick the kids up some new swim suits for this year. While the girls and I were trying on suits the boys kept it a little safer and played with the toys. Bentley had fun stuffed all the animals into bags.
 Amber planned such a pretty reception. They had a super pretty chandelier that I failed to get a picture of, and really yummy food! To top it off they had Kyle as a DJ, he's always a winner in that department. Congrats Rainer and Amber!

 My Dad kept the little girls occupied on the stage for a good majority of the time. He's an awesome Grandpa!
A big hit lately with wedding receptions has been the photo booth! They are such a blast!

Originally we had planned on staying a hotel that night, but we couldn't find anything close that was under $200 so we decided to just drive back to Holbrook that night. We rolled into Holbrook around 2 AM. Kyle was such a trooper- I was out around 10pm! But we made it safely home, it was one adventurous day that's for sure!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Preschool Graduation!

The day finally came. Preschool Graduation! We call it Graduation, but it was more like an end of the year concert. They sang some really cute songs with some really cute hand motions, we had a little "walking down the isle" graduation, and then some treats. 

After the Christmas Concert I told Macy's teacher, Mrs. Cecceralli about the CD we made and offered out Kyle to do a CD for their end of the year concert. They took a little field trip one day to the recording studio and recorded all their end of the year songs, so they passed the CD's out along with their little diplomas. It turned out pretty well. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Macy has been in a dance class through Creative Rhythms Dance Studio since September and we finally got to see what they've been learning. She has loved dance which is kind of a big deal since she didn't like being in her tumbling class very much. Her teacher, Loni Hatch, does a great job with these little kids and she is so good with them. This year their recital was based around the poem "Jabberwocky" and these little ones were the JubJub birds. They were so cute! They were looking around for the Jabberwocky the whole time so their heads were going back and forth and up and down. Their little faces were so serious the whole time- it was adorable.

 The artwork in the back was amazing and was all drawn/painted by Dwayne Hawk. He did a fabulous job.
 Grandma Carbonneau gave her some flowers after her performance.
 Macy loved her "tattoos". She was showing them off to us.

Such a cute girl! We were proud of how well she did! Afterward we have some cake in the lobby. It was yummy and turned our teeth black :) 

Safety Day!

My Mom came to visit on Thursday so we could get some projects done and so she could come see Macy's dance recital. We didn't have any plans on Saturday and saw that the Public Safety people were doing a Safety day over at Hunt park. We headed over and walked around the few things they had and then let the kids play in the park. It was a good idea but there wasn't much for the kids to do and they were pretty bored. We found them some Cotton Candy, they played, and we headed home.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Family Hike

It was a beautiful Monday morning and the kids were going a little stir crazy and Kyle had a "snow day" so decided it was a good day to go on a hike. The We told they kids are about a week we could go on a hike but it just kept getting so windy so we kept putting it off. It was still a little windy but it wasn't bad at all. We started walking over to the mountains behind out house and realized it was a little colder than we thought so I ran back to get some jackets. The girls were cold too and so excited to get their sweaters. 

 After some last minute shoe tying we were off!

 Macy was so cute with Bentley, she kept helping him over all the "big" rocks.

 We decided to hike up one of the mountains and show the kids the city.

 We climbed down the other side and Bentley all of the sudden just laid down and started crying. It looks like he fell, but he really didn't. It was the funniest thing.
 Obviously he didn't think it was too funny.
 All better with Momma.
 He was pretty worn out at the end so he got a ride back on Daddy's shoulders.

After our hike we went over to Marie's house to help her put together her porch swing that all the kids pitched in and got her for Mother's Day. Bentley was super tired so I laid him down in the pac-n-play that we keep at her house. He slept for 3 hours and had a fever when he woke up. I finally took him to the doctor on Wednesday and  the poor thing had an ear infection. We spent the next 2 days in the rocking chair and he was finally feeling better by Friday. Poor kid!