Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Macy Overload!

This is our Macy girl :) She is almost 4 1/2 months old! We had her dr appt on Wednesday and she was around the 45th percentile for everything, she's very proportional I guess. She's doing pretty good on cereal, she loves to suck on her hands so that gets really messy, but we're getting better at it. These are the most recent pictures, some of my favorite. :)She is into chewing on everything, I think she's teething. Here she is trying to get the diaper plastic to chew on... don't worry- I ran and got the camera and then took the bag away :)
Her little tongue goes 90 miles an hour- here it is just pokin' out.
This is her Easter Sunday dress- I know, a little behind, but you get what you get! Doesn't she look adorable?!
I couldn't decide which one to put in- I thought they were both way cute, so I put both.
I absolutely love this picture- I think she looks so cute that weird little smile, and she's holding onto her bear. Adorable.

Those big eyes. It's crazy looking at her "first bath" pictures compared to how big she is in these.

Aw- Cute smile!
Lol. I love this picture. She has the funniest look on her face.
As for Kyle and I- it's summer vacation so we've been trying to keep busy. We got a new dog! We call him Bear, he's a golden/Australian collie shepard mix- he's about a 1 1/2 old so he still is playful but still pretty mellow- give him another year and he'll be really mellow. Kyle built a bookshelf yesterday which means all our boxes in the guest bedroom are now mostly empty :)

I'm changing my degree... I was doing Elementary Education with an Early Childhood certificate, but after they decided to close down video conferencing I would have to drive to Show Low 3 nights a week for the next year and a half, and I'm just not willing to do that. I'm going to go Early Childhood now, not a teaching degree. I can do it online and I am aiming for being done May 2010, wish me luck! I'm excited that I won't have to do student teaching so I don't have to find/pay someone to watch Macy for a semester, so that's a little less stressful.

It's summer time which mean Kyle needs something to do :) If anyone needs or knows of anyone that needs a DJ give him a call!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Congrats Graduates!

While I was cleaning yesterday I kept thinking about the assignment that I needed to finish that's due tonight, when all the sudden it hit me- Won't that be SO exciting when I NEVER have ANY more assignments to turn in?! No more worrying about my attendance, or if that paper I spent a week on will get an A or not... I'll be done. Finished. How I wish I was like a lot of my peers in High School right now- just waiting for that piece of paper to come in the mail that says "DONE!", that's what I think Diplomas should say... "CONGRATS! YOU'RE DONE!!". But mine won't be coming this semester... or next... :(

So I guess Congratulations to all of those who are graduating this semester, I wish I was with you! Instead, I have an entire summer of classes that start Monday and go clear till August... oh well though, such is life :) And I know I won't regret it... I might regret it if I stopped, but I won't regret it if I finish. Bring it on NAU- if they can do it, I can do it!