Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer Vacation

I just realized I never blogged about our summer! It was probably one of the most fun-filled summers we've had so far. It started off with a good two weeks that we hung out around Holbrook and just enjoyed Kyle's time off. We got our front yard nice and cleaned up, planted flowers, and just enjoyed each others company. June 11-13 Kyle and I flew over to San Diego for a much needed "baby moon".  We started the trip out by going to Cinnabon at the airport. 

We went to Sea World, walked around malls, went to the beach, and ate some crazy delicious food. Kyle used foursquare to decide where we would eat for every meal and we found some really good places. Sadly, I don't remember the name buts but we ate at a place that you ordered off an Ipad- that was pretty cool! It was American food; hamburgers, pizza, french fries- SUPER good. There was the crepes place- best crepes I've had in my life. 

We had a "savory" one and a "sweet" one and shared them. We both could have eaten an entire savory one and shared the sweet. We had a Chicago style pizza. They make them by putting the dough, then the toppings and cheese, and last all the sauce; it kind of looked like an inside out pizza! 

Then we tried a breakfast place that served SO much food. Kyle got an omelet and it was seriously the size of a large dinner plate. We were really impressed with everything though and for the most part they were just Mom and Pop places. We HIGHLY recommend using foursquare to find delicious places to eat. 

The 14th My Parents, Chris, Derek, and Uncle Gary drive up in our van and met up with us to start their RAAM journey (4 cyclists leap frogging across the country with crew members to keep them moving and safe). We stayed in this SUPER nice hotel. It was seriously amazing. It was right next to the ocean and the hotel room was more like a really nice condo. It was a safari theme, so there were zebra pictures and comfy blankets, a kitchen with glasses and silverware, a super nice 6 person dining room table, and the master bedroom had a beautiful view with a balcony to the ocean. Definitely the nicest hotel I've ever stayed in. Derek and I hung out with the RAAM crew the 14th and headed back home the 15th. We had left the girls with My parents the first part of the week and transfered them over to Mike and Trish's the 2nd part (THANK YOU BOTH!!), it was very nice to get away but I was super happy to get to see them again. While Chris, Kyle, Mom, and Dad were on RAAM I stayed at my parents and hung out and got some visitors. Kati came and stayed with us the first part of the week and Steven and Meghan came and ate dinner with us one night. It was really fun to have Kati and her kids there, it kept Macy and London occupied and made the time pass a lot faster than last year. We were constantly checking facebook and the RAAM blog to see what they were doing and where they were at. They finally made it home the 23rd and we headed back to Holbrook the 25th. 

After we got home it was time to get ready for the Bucket of Blood Half-Marathon and Wild West Days (used to be Old West Days but they changed the name this year). I sold bows again, Kyle was the MC, and my parents and Chris and Kati came to help out with the half-marathon and Chris and Dad rode in the bike race. It's always such a fun event and I'm glad that they come up to hang out with us. 

We had two weeks of a relaxed summer break and after being on the go so much we got kind of bored (go figure). One day we decided to go around Holbrook and take pictures and make a Holbrook Alphabet Book. I'm not going to upload all the pictures we took, but here are a couple good ones.


 Macy being cute on a Dinosaur

 H is for HUNT PARK

After our two weeks just chillin' Kyle had his Swing Thing Choir Camp. We were hoping Baby Boy would come during that week, but we waited and waited... and no baby. It was a very fun filled summer that went by SUPER fast. We're hoping next summer is a little less hectic, but just has fun :) We love summer vacation, it's definitely a blessing to have your husband for 2 months.