Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November 2016

As I went through my pictures of November I realized it was a pretty boring month. Not much happened. I still rock Ella, kids go to school, Kyle goes to work, I cook and clean. Just life. It's good that way. Ella's growing like crazy and still won't sleep by herself. I just have to remind myself how lucky I am that she sleeps in her own bed at night. It could be worse. She tried cereal this month and wasn't a big fan- at all! 

The girls are really into a game called Tumble Stone on the Xbox and are SO FAST. They beat Kyle and I like we're sitting still. At one time Macy would kick London's booty so I would tackle her and cover her eyes while London played. We get crazy around here. The kids and I went down to the valley for a few days while Kyle was at All-State Show Choir and I introduced them in Starbucks. They love their cake pops and I LOVE their Apple Cider Spice drink. Oh so yummy. Thanks Stormy for introducing me! We came home to empty trees and took a morning putting them into bags. I think we got a total of 18 black garbage bags this year with leaves- there were a ton!

I think a highlight of the month was when Kyle's brother Brent went with Marie to Grandparents day at the girl's school. I wasn't there, but from what it sounds like he was the hit of the party. All the kids were following him around the playground and just loved him. We are grateful for amazing families that love our kids!

This year we had Thanksgiving at Mike and Trish's' house in the valley. Kathleen and David, Holli and Rocky, Micah and Lyndzi, Kellie and Karl, Marie, and our family had a ton of family hanging on and the kids had a ton of fun with their cousins. We spent the night at Mike and Trish's house and took a little venture out that night to check out a house that was on The Great Light Fight. I have never seen a home with so many Christmas lights! It was pretty amazing. I'm super lame and only got a picture of the snowman but the house was dang impressive.  We woke up early the next morning and Cameron took some family pictures. I loved how they turned out and she did a great job! I'll share those one in a bit :)