Monday, May 27, 2013

Congrats Cassie & Casey!

Kyle's niece Cassie (Brian and Jane's daughter) got married! She married a super nice kid named Casey from Winslow. The wedding was really nice and it was fun to get together with Kyle's family since that really only happens at Weddings :)

 Jason and Emily's (Brian and Jane's son) little boys loved the water. A few times I thought they were going to jump in it! The  boys and Jason compromised by sitting on the rock. 
 This is Jared- Kyle's nephew. One of Brian and Jane's sons
 Kellie's (Kyle's sister) cute little boy Lincoln. Bentley is only a week older then Lincoln!
 Macy always manages to get a treat from Grandma or Aunt Kathleen, I'm sure one of them provided the treat :)
 The two families!
After the sealing we went over to Eva's and had a really great luncheon. They had great mexican food and little treats to take home. They did a great job in fitting A LOT of people into a pretty small room, I was impressed. After lunch we headed back to Joseph City to get ready for the reception.

 This is Ashley (Kathleen's daughter) and Holli (Kym's daughter) just hanging out.
 Courtney (Ashley's twin) and Mr. Lincoln. 
 This is Emily and Kristen. There were quite a few photographers around the place. Their pictures are a lot better though, our camera floated around the family for most of the night while Kyle DJed and I chased kids around.
 Courtney and the awesome cake that Emily made. It was her first cake ever and she did amazing. She said she used Pinterest and YouTube!

Marie! Kyle's mom, she's awesome.

The bridesmaids getting their hair fixed. We have Kaylee and Lindi (Brian and Jane's daughters) and their cousin. 
 Ashley and Garrett (Keith's son)... oh Garrett, he's a special kid.

London and Macy pretty much played with this stuffed horse the whole reception. No joke. They loved it.

 Emily and Jason. 
 Keith and Theresa (Kyle's brother and sister-in-law) 
 When Cassie got engaged she told her Dad she wanted a reception in the backyard and she wanted a water fountain. He did a really great job, the pictures don't do it justice.
 Cassie and Casey's first dance.
 Grandma and Bentley. He was a trooper all night. He's such a good kid!
 Theresa and Kym (Kyle's sister)
 Kaylee, Jane (the bride's Mom) and Kristen
And my favorite for last... awwwww
Like always, it was a party! 

Dental Work

After this post we got all our ducks in a row and got an appointment for London to get all her dental work done. Because the attention span of a two year old and the amount of work that needed to be done, the dentist opted to have her put to sleep in order to get all the work done at once. This girl was a champ with everything. She was a little nervous to put the gown on, but once we got that taken care of she did amazing. She usually doesn't do very well with new people -Story Story: I took her to a friends house while I went to a funeral and she literally cried the entire two hours I was gone. I was super nervous that I wasn't allowed to go back to the operating rooms with her. The nurse just scooped her right up though and she didn't cry at all. The doctor even told us she was giggling and laughing when they were doing her X-Rays. 

After the dentist came out he told us it went better then he thought. Originally there were 6 cavities, 4 needed to be filled and 2 needed crowns. When he got in there he only needed to do 1 crown and did the rest fillings. He did a few small fillings between teeth that he found on the x-ray but said as long as we keep up with brushing every day we should be fine here on out. I was feeling lots of MommyGuilt over this whole teeth thing and I've really just had to let it go. Macy's teeth don't have a single cavity and we do the same process with each of them every day. Dang genetics :/

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Petrified Forest

During the first week of summer vacation Kyle's friend Lane came to town with his girliefriend and asked us if we wanted to join us on their adventure to the Petrified Forest. We went about 7 years ago when Kyle brought me to Holbrook to meet his Mom, but we haven't takin' the kids yet. We weren't doing much that day so we piled in the car and ended over to the park. There were lots of cool fossils and things to look it. The girls favorite part was the little sand/rubber box that the kids got to dig for fossils in. It was a major hit and they played in it for a good 30-45 minutes. 

 Here is Lane and his Girlie-friend.
 If you know Holbrook it would be no surprise that it was SUPER windy. Bentley didn't mine, but my hair was all over the place. 
 The girls were pretty done with the wind. This is Macy's grumpy face... such a CUTE little grumpy face.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Preschool Program

Macy had her first Preschool Program, and let me tell you- it was SO adorable. She loved her class and they did such a good job. Macy had to say the part "We learned to say the pledge and read our names. We learn by songs and games." and she nailed it. This girl has a memory like nobody's business. A few days before her program I dropped her off at preschool and her teacher and I got to chatting. I told her we were working on her part at home and she has it down, but I was a little nervous about whether or not she would say it in front of everyone. Her teacher laughed and told me that she could probably recite the whole program own her own. She was a little nervous when we initially walked into the classroom but after a little chat she got over it and did great. 

This is her class waiting for the program to start.

 The did a cute teddy bear song where they would put the teddy bear on various parts of their bodies. Her teacher told me that Macy picked this teddy bear every time they practiced.
 They did a super cute version of the song "If your happy and you know it". Instead of changing the end of the song to clap, stomp, and shout hooray they changed the "happy" part. This one is if "you're surprised and you know it...."
 "If you're grumpy and you know it...."
 "If you're scared and you know it... shiver and shake"
 "If you're happy and you know it shout hooray".. The funniest part is little Kendrick in the corner of the picture... she wasn't very happy about being at the program.
 Next the teacher read a story that had all the barn animals in it. When the teacher would say the kids part they would make the animal sound.
 Macy had two teachers in her classroom- the first was Mrs. Richards- who LOVED Macy. We were walking out the door and she pulled me assigned and told me she really loved having Macy in class, she said "Some kids are just special" :) I thought that was very sweet. I saw a super cute thing on Pinterest that I started with Macy. I bought her a copy of "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" and had her teachers write her a little note in it. I'll let Macy have it/read it when she graduates High School.
Macy and Mrs. Fairbanks. She was such a great preschool teacher. She was always so level headed when we were there and knew the kids so well by the end of the year. You could tell she really loved her job. 
It's still a little surreal that Macy is done with her first year of preschool. I have her registered for the 4 year old preschool class and I know she'll do so great. Only one more year until she's in Kindergarten- time go way too fast.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Pause Button

These girls melt my heart. 

Sometimes I just want to pause life right here.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Camping 2013

If you've been following our blog for long you'll know that we go camping with my family annually on Memorial Day. This year was no different, but we did go a little early since my brother Steven and his wife Meghan were expecting their newest addition to the family the very first week in June. 

It's always nice to get outdoors and enjoy the nature. Bentley loved camping right from the beginning, this little guy got so much attention it was hard for him to not like it.
 My Grandpa, the kids Great-Grandpa, loves being with his grandkids. He lives for it. I'm not sure of many 70yearish men that will get down in the dirt because their great-granddaughter wants to play ball.

 My Mom found a super cute nature scavenger hunt online and got it all together for the kids. They each got a bag with all the things they were supposed to find on the front. I loved that there were pictures on the front so that the kids could somewhat do it by themselves. Macy dragged my mom around for awhile looking for all the things on her bag. I was super proud of Macy- she actually put a real life BUG in a jar for her scavenger hunt. This is a BIG deal. The girl is terrified of bugs.

We had tons of fun during the day, but we could have gone without the night. It was FREEZING and our kids were pretty miserable. Bentley and I ended up in the trailer with my parents and the girls ended up on the air mattress with Kyle. We seriously considered going to a hotel the second night. I'm thinking if we had two nights to go, that's where our bags would have been headed. Hopefully next time it'll be a little warmer being closer to June.

We also had our Carbonneau Horseshoe Tournament this year. We had all the adults and the kids play against each other with the adults throwing from the normal line and this kids throwing 10 feet or so away from the post. The kids had a BLAST and all did really well. Somehow Macy managed to win the tournament and take home the horseshoe trophy. This girl was in love. She slept with it the first night home. We keep prepping her that the next time we go camping we'll have another tournament and *hopefully* someone else will get to take it home for awhile.

Steven won the tournament last time, so this was the hand-over of the trophy.

Like always, we had a super relaxing time and we're looking forward to camping again!