Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wild West Days

The weekend after the 4th of July is always Holbrook Annual Wild West Days. This year they had some more kids activities that the little ones really enjoyed. We got there as the event was just starting and scored some free tickets to the train to let people know it was running. London and Bentley shared a cart and Macy was on her own. Lorin hoped in with Mollie, but they didn't make it back. The tires had a little too much wear on them and they popped!

 Doesn't she look thrilled?
 We headed over to a little kids rodeo area. They gave each kid rodeo numbers and had a few games for them to play. It was really cute! Bentley wasn't really getting the whole nerf gun thing. He had a help him out.

 They went panning for some gold... and got some! Fake gold, but still gold :)
 Then they roped some bulls... Macy still looks thrilled about this whole thing huh?
 Bentley wasn't really sure what to do. "You mean I can chuck this and I won't get in trouble?" Sure is a cute cowboy!

 Next up was the Noodle Horse Rodeo. They kids got some kits from the Chamber office and each made their own stick horse. Grandma Carbonneau and Aunt Steph helped  the girls make theirs while we were in Yarnell. They had a little contest to see who had "the best horse". I have a confession, I hate those contests. All contests for that matter that involve which 4 year old made the best whatever. If it wasn't for Kathleen and Kyle I would've made the cute horses with Grandma and never even mentioned that they could be entered into a contest. You are bound to disappoint 30 kids when you tell them their horse wasn't good enough. Anyway, I thought Macy and London did a fantastic job with their horses and they still love, even if they didn't win.
I don't have any photo proof but the next day was the Bucket of Blood Races. It was our 4th and final time being the race directors. We started the half-marathon and turned it from the 1st year having 12 runners to this year with 90. I felt like we did an awesome job with what we had to work with. I'm going to miss how nice and appreciative the runners are, they make all the chaos worth it. I am excited to have that part of my summer back though and be done with all the other odd and end stuff we did for it during the year.

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