Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Washington, D.C.

Monday we head over to Washington D.C.! I'm probably going to say this wrong, but we took the subway. I don't think it was a subway but I can't think of the right word for it. We took our van to a park'n'ride and took the 45 minutes ride to D.C. We met a super nice guy that told us where we were going, I have a picture of him somewhere but I can't find it! If I do I'll add it to the post.
Our first stop was the Air and Space Museum. There is so much history in all these museums! It was really cool to see how far we have come in that kind of technology.
OH MY GOODNESS! I just noticed this, but in that picture about it looks like there is an alien standing with us. This was just supposed to be a picture of us being goofy but it looks like an alien is standing right in front of Kyle. The two bolts are the eyes and his elbow is by my leg... CREEPY!

Then we headed out to get something to eat and we ran into the big lawn by the capital building. Pretty neat! Here's a big one of the capital...
...and a closer one of us!
We found a spot to pick up some grub at a snack bar type thing. I was a wimp and didn't want to get something from the food trucks, but after we got our extremely bland sausage, I wish we would have stopped at a truck :( My mom realized at lunch that since it was Monday she needed to get her e-mail to Derek out! Uh-oh! Almost missed that one. Don't worry- she got it out in time. The time difference probably helped.
After lunch we went to the National Archives building- my mom was in heaven. She loves all the histories and documents. Next time she goes I bet she'll spend a whole day in there! You can't take pictures inside because of all the super old documents, so we snapped this one of the outside. Speaking of super old documents, we saw the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence! They looked very old and you could barely read any of it- but it was really cool to see them.

Next up was the Museum of Natural History where my Dad met up with us! He was back in Annapolis getting all his bike stuff packed up and shipped off, then he could come play with us.

We hit the Natural History Museum and headed over to the Museum of American History. The American History one was by far my favorite, but I don't have any pictures though :( It was really cool to see how far technology, toys, and even clothes have come in the few hundred years that we've been here!

You can't go to Washington D.C. and not see the White House! It was pretty anti-climatic though. It's just a house. No fun stuff to do or look at, just a house.
My Mom and Dad needed to go back to Annapolis to meet a friend of theirs for dinner, so we headed over to the Lincoln Memorial. It really is a huge statue! As you walk up there is a sign that basically says 'show respect and be quiet' and it was sad to see how noisy is was, but what can ya do.
After getting our photo op we found a little bookstore located in the Lincoln Memorial and got all kinds of stamps for our passport book. Since my Mom had left I took hers and got her stamps for her. There was a great view of the Washington Monument, so we got those pictures.

You can't see the Washington Monument behind us, but it sure is a good picture of me and my handsome husband.

On our walk back to the subway we passed through the Vietnam Memorial and got closer to the Washington Monument. Very cool history and a great place to visit. We met up with my Mom and Dad and their friend at Olive Garden and had a super delicious meal. It made up for my nasty hot dog earlier. I really enjoyed Washington D.C. even though we were really rushed, it was still a lot of fun!

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