Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July funness

 Here's some July summer randomness!
The kids love to make a bed and watch a show- they do this at least 4 times a week. They love it!
 At the 4th of July games there was a little booth that was giving away free stuff to the movies. We were able to take out whole family to the movies INCLUDING kids happy packs for $15! We took them to see How to Train Your Dragon 2. They kids all loved it. Bentley was talking about dragons for a week afterwards.
 The girls were so proud of themselves that they made their beds. They did a great job for doing it all by themselves!
 When I was pregnant with Macy someone made the comment to me that I would never be able to keep up on their baby books. Well, I did! We love to go back and look at the kids baby books. This particular day we were looking at Bentleys. They love seeing themselves as babies. It was fun to hear Macy say "I remember that!".
 Kyle helps him mom around the house quite a bit, especially during the summer. This was one of those days! She had went to a yardsale and bought a few old dolls and wanted to know if we could find out more information about them. She got some pretty cute ones! The kids love them all- and of course you can't go to Grandma's house without getting some ice cream!
 OR brownies! Every Sunday we have family dinner at Marie's house. Kathleen and David meet us there and we have yummy roast and potatoes with brownies and ice cream afterward. The kids were waiting so patiently for their brownies!

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