Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

Holbrook loves the 4th of July. Independence Day is a such a fun event around here. We kicked it off on July 3rd at Grandma's house with some trampoline action.

 After some cookies and fun with cousins we headed back home to get ready to go out to get some pizza. Bentley really wanted to go the cowboy style. I made him put some pants on.
 The kids love the pizza store. Not only can they get pizza but they can get ICE CREAM.

Yummy! After some yummy dinner we went over to Brian and Jane's backyard and spent some family time sittin' around and chit chatting. The kids played on their trampoline and in the water fountain. 

The next morning was the big bike parade and games in the park. London wanted to ride her bike and Macy just wanted to chill with us.
Kyle and David were London wing men. They kept her going straight. Her bike kept wanting to turn where ever she was looking for some reason.

She found Macy, Bentley, and me sitting under a tree watching the parade.
After the parade they had some games at the park and some free POPSICLES!

Bent Bent and Kathleen, he loves her.

I made all the kids shirts and these ladies were loving them. I even figured out how to make Macy's hair into a star! 
We tried to get some cute pictures and this was the best we got.
Sure got a cute one of Lorin and Lisa's little girl Mollie though!
The girls favorite game was kicking the soccer ball into the net. They did it like 5 times in a row! Way to go AYSO.
Macy and London wanted to race each other in the sacks and they did so good! London was actually beating Macy for a bit until she fell. Macy took off and won. I was pretty proud of lil' London for keeping up with her sister for so long.
The Larson's
We found the Miller's there too!
Our family!
After the party we went back to Marie's where we found Mike and Trish's clan. We all headed over to the shooting range and met David and Kathleens family there. Macy wanted to shoot the gun so Kyle helped her. She did pretty good!
 I got in there for a few shots. I even hit something!
 The girls enjoyed it but looked like this pretty much the whole time. They had ear plugs in but were still not liking the loud noises.
 On the way back to Marie's house we stopped and put up some signs for Andy Tobin who is running for Congress.
 We had a BBQ with aboutabout 40 people there at Marie's house, it was packed! The sun starting going down so off we went to Fireworks out at the county. We get there nice and early for front row seats. I was proud of Macy, she held a few sparklers this year!
 London was so worried about the fireworks taht she kept her hands on her ears for a good hour. Poor girl just doesn't like loud noises. They hadn't even started yet and they were still on her ears.
 Bentley on the other hand couldn't get enough of them and LOVED the fireworks. They would shoot one off and we would keep saying "OOO! look!! Pretty!! WOW!". It was adorable.

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