Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hanging out with the Whitings

We had a super special visitor earlier this month! Whitney and her adorable family were down from Oregon and met us with us on their way up to Round Valley to see Tyler's family. We planned a fun little picnic at a lake so the kids could play while we chatted. We were 15-20 minutes into our picnic when it started raining. Rain is a scarce thing this summer so it was hard not to be a little disappointed. We made due and threw all the kids in the car and let them play and finish their lunch until the rain stopped.
 After the rain stopped we found a little amphitheater and sat down and let the kids run around and play.
 Tyler and Kyle were amazing and played with the kids tons while Whitney and I chatted.

 The kids found the stage pretty quickly and put on lots of "shows" for us. It usually consisted of something tying to be the leading actor/actress and Macy taking over. She's a performer that one.
The kids went on a little hike with Tyler and Kyle while Whitney and I just kept on chatting. Then we went and checked out the river a bit. It was so fun and relaxing to hang out with friends in the forest. We love the Whitings!

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