Wednesday, July 30, 2014

We're home!

Tuesday we finally got to see out kiddos! It was such an awesome experience and something that I will never forget- but after 12 days I was ready to see my kiddos! We had a lay over in Texas and now I can't decide if I add Texas to my list of states or not- but I like tripled my "I've been there" list state wise! Yay! We got off the plane in Phoenix to some AMAZING friends that welcomed us home. I've never had a sign waiting for me at the airport so that was really cool! The Jenkins, The Hathaways, Stormy & Hudson, and Megan, Jack, and Easton came to see us. They are so cool!

We were slacker parents and only got a book for the kids from Philly, so we stopped at Walmart on the way home to get two more surprises for the kids. 
We sure missed Macy's attitude face! We brought her home a slip n'slide.

 London got a lifejacket that she wore for a week straight. She loved it! 
 For how much time, energy, and effort goes into RAAM it's hard to understand why people (my Dad) :) does this over and over again. It's definitely something you have to experience to understand the great accomplishment that comes after you look back and say "Look at what we did!" I am so glad I had a great support system at home to feel comfortable enough to leave our kiddos and do some incredibly crazy, adventurous, and seriously cool! :)

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