Friday, May 30, 2014

Week in the Valley

We woke up on Monday morning and decided it was a nice day to go to the valley :) We called my mom, made sure she was going to be home, then packed and left! It's so nice not having anywhere to go! All we knew is we had to be back Thursday for a temple trip, which we didn't end up making anyway because Kyle got an ear infection :( One of the first things we did when we got there was went next door to the neighbors pool! I have been an awful swim mom and none of my children know how to swim. This is so sad to me since I was a lifeguard/swim coach for like 6 summers and one of my goals this summer is for them to be more comfortable with the water and on track to be swimmers. Macy is afraid of the water. Like, the water is going to eat me afraid, so it's been rough. I signed her up for swimming lessons in July so hopefully it will go better with someone else teaching her.

A big "to do" while we were done there was getting together the van bins for the Race Across America! There are quite a few odd and end things that go in the bins, so my Mom, Macy, and I took a day and gathered up and purchased all the stuff we need for them. I was kind of in heaven with the organization of it all :) It was pretty gun! The bins are all ready!

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