Sunday, May 18, 2014


Macy has been in a dance class through Creative Rhythms Dance Studio since September and we finally got to see what they've been learning. She has loved dance which is kind of a big deal since she didn't like being in her tumbling class very much. Her teacher, Loni Hatch, does a great job with these little kids and she is so good with them. This year their recital was based around the poem "Jabberwocky" and these little ones were the JubJub birds. They were so cute! They were looking around for the Jabberwocky the whole time so their heads were going back and forth and up and down. Their little faces were so serious the whole time- it was adorable.

 The artwork in the back was amazing and was all drawn/painted by Dwayne Hawk. He did a fabulous job.
 Grandma Carbonneau gave her some flowers after her performance.
 Macy loved her "tattoos". She was showing them off to us.

Such a cute girl! We were proud of how well she did! Afterward we have some cake in the lobby. It was yummy and turned our teeth black :) 

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