Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ride for the Wall

The past few years the Ride for the Wall motorcyclists have come right around the corner in front of our house of their way to the American Legion for lunch on their big journey to Washington, D.C. They have lots of men that go out before the bigger group to stop and point everyone in the right direction on where to turn. Since our house is on the turn we got to take a picture with the guys' motorcycle. It was the same man this year that stopped by last year, it was fun to see a familiar face.

 This is the front leading motorcyclist.
 The kids had tons of fun waving to all guys. It was fun to see all the different colors of bikes and different they all one.
 This was the fellow that stops at our house. He gave us a "Ride to the Wall" pin and told us he would meet us at the same time and place next year.

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