Saturday, May 17, 2014

Family Hike

It was a beautiful Monday morning and the kids were going a little stir crazy and Kyle had a "snow day" so decided it was a good day to go on a hike. The We told they kids are about a week we could go on a hike but it just kept getting so windy so we kept putting it off. It was still a little windy but it wasn't bad at all. We started walking over to the mountains behind out house and realized it was a little colder than we thought so I ran back to get some jackets. The girls were cold too and so excited to get their sweaters. 

 After some last minute shoe tying we were off!

 Macy was so cute with Bentley, she kept helping him over all the "big" rocks.

 We decided to hike up one of the mountains and show the kids the city.

 We climbed down the other side and Bentley all of the sudden just laid down and started crying. It looks like he fell, but he really didn't. It was the funniest thing.
 Obviously he didn't think it was too funny.
 All better with Momma.
 He was pretty worn out at the end so he got a ride back on Daddy's shoulders.

After our hike we went over to Marie's house to help her put together her porch swing that all the kids pitched in and got her for Mother's Day. Bentley was super tired so I laid him down in the pac-n-play that we keep at her house. He slept for 3 hours and had a fever when he woke up. I finally took him to the doctor on Wednesday and  the poor thing had an ear infection. We spent the next 2 days in the rocking chair and he was finally feeling better by Friday. Poor kid!

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