Friday, May 2, 2014

Just a good day!

These two were being especially cute and happy this morning. How much better could it get then sibling love, a show, and cereal?

 Oops they spotted me!
 Macy was being pretty good this morning too. She was writing down important notes.

Later that day Kyle has to go let the Jehovahs Witnesses into the Auditorium for a big conference so we tagged a long. They were cleaning the auditorium for their conference the next day so we didn't think it would take very long. We hung out outside waiting for them. The kids thought of lots of fun things to do. Who knew the outside of the auditorium could be so fun?!

First they "raced" across the small bridges at least 20 times.

 Then we moved closer to the front doors and they sat on the "slides". Then soon figured out they were very "slidey slides" :)

 We had lots of funny faces going around,

We lasted almost an hour and a half then we decided it was time to ditch Kyle and go get some ice cream. At least we saved him some...

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