Sunday, May 25, 2014

Vegas in a day!

My awesome cousin Amber got married this weekend! With graduation on Friday night and her wedding on Saturday at 1:00PM we had our work cut out for us on getting there on time, but we made it with time to spare :) We woke up bright and early at 5:00am, left around 6:30am, and pulled into Vegas right at noon. The kids had a blast playing around the temple grounds together, even with Bentley telling all the kids every 5 seconds to not pick the flowers, then proceeding to pick them himself. He's lucky he's so cute. 

In between the sealing and wedding reception be had a good 3-4 hours to kill, so we did what we can only do in the big cities- shopping! We stopped at JcPenny first where we had to take back a suit coat that we had ordered for Kyle to get a size smaller, and pick the kids up some new swim suits for this year. While the girls and I were trying on suits the boys kept it a little safer and played with the toys. Bentley had fun stuffed all the animals into bags.
 Amber planned such a pretty reception. They had a super pretty chandelier that I failed to get a picture of, and really yummy food! To top it off they had Kyle as a DJ, he's always a winner in that department. Congrats Rainer and Amber!

 My Dad kept the little girls occupied on the stage for a good majority of the time. He's an awesome Grandpa!
A big hit lately with wedding receptions has been the photo booth! They are such a blast!

Originally we had planned on staying a hotel that night, but we couldn't find anything close that was under $200 so we decided to just drive back to Holbrook that night. We rolled into Holbrook around 2 AM. Kyle was such a trooper- I was out around 10pm! But we made it safely home, it was one adventurous day that's for sure!

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