Friday, May 9, 2014

Kindergarten Transition Day

Macy has been in preschool the past two years and has absolutely loved it. They meet 3 days a week, for 3 hours a day and that has been perfect for our family. It has given me some time with the smaller kids and has given some time to play with friends and learn new things. I don't work on much academic stuff at home, I figure they are going to do some much at that in school that they can just be kids at home. A big plus to preschool is being able to go to Kindergarten Transition Day. Whoever thought this up was genius! All the preschoolers go over to the elementary school with a parent and they get to see all the stuff that happens at the school so they can get a better idea of what it will be like when they go to Kindergarten in August. That way we aren't just dropping them off one morning at a random place. 

They started out in the cafeteria so they could see how you go through the line and get all your stuff. We did breakfast and it was surprisingly good. Macy was so nervous, she didn't want to eat at all and at first she didn't even want to open up her juice. After I started eating and she started to see her friends she loosened up a little and started eating too.
 Then we headed over to one of the teachers classrooms where the preschoolers got paired up with a kindergartener to show them around. After they were all paired up the P-K and Kinders all lined up and the parents followed the line to the music room. They learned a few new songs and got familiar with the classroom. Then we headed over to the library where they learned all about books and read Pigeon Needs a Bath. They had tons of fun and the librarian did so well.
 Next up was P.E. You can tell the kids were so new at this and the teacher was a sub so it was a little crazy. First they ran, skipped, and then walked all the way around the cafeteria, and then they played with the big parachute. I'm pretty sure after that all the Pre-Ks were totally excited for Kindergarten.
 Then they headed off to the computer room to learn a few do's and don'ts with the computers. Macy was so cute sitting there so intently on what Mrs. Rose was saying. They'll have a lot of fun in there.

More than anything I think it was a great opportunity for us parents to see that the kids will be just fine in Kindergarten without us. It's the strangest thing to think that Macy will be in school 5 days a week all day long. I know she'll have so much fun and love going to school, but we'll sure miss it. Her going to school has also taught me that being a stay at home mom is exactly what I needed to do. I love that I've been there for her every day and she will always know I'll be there for her when she gets home. Time goes so fast and I'm glad that I took the time to be with her. 

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