Sunday, January 18, 2009

Today Macy got her first sponge bath! She didn't like the cold part (who does?!) but she liked when we would squeeze the warm water on her :)
While I was in the shower my Mom had a little photo-shoot with Macy- I think they turned out just too adorable.

Great Grandma Bochat came to see Macy on Friday and Saturday nights... she is staying in Snowflake with a friend of hers and we really enjoyed having her here!
**Family picture to come :)


Marie said...

so so cute! Loving all the hair! Have you guy decided who she looks more like?

Brooke Jenkins said...

So cute!! Congrats!! I love the bows.

Carroll Farm said...

Very cute little one. I like the name. Good choice. Thanks for posting the pics so us long lost fans can enjoy too. :)

Brent & Jodie said...

She is such a little lovey. Can't wait to see her. I'm super jealous of my hubby!! Make sure he gets lots of love from Macy so he can bring it home to us. :)