Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Last Couple Day's Pics

In what we hope was our last Friday night without being parents we decided to go spend a night on the town. The ideas were endless of what we would do... we could go bowling...umm... see a movie at the Roxy... ummmm... Dennys.... hmm.. what else?... I can't really bowl very good in my 9 month pregnant body and we were 20 minutes too late to see a movie so... We picked Dennys :) Pretty exciting huh? And since we had already eaten dinner, Kyle got some soup because he wasn't feeling good, and I got some apple crisp for dessert... a whole hour later we were back at home :) Exciting huh? It's official, we're practically already parents.

Saturday morning was the Holbrook School District Surplus Sale and Kyle's mom wanted to see if there was a computer monitor for her computer so off we went :) Here is what we ended up with... 4 projectors, 2 desks, 4 chairs, like 10 books, a tape player, 2 screens, 1 microscope, and a keyboard that was still in the box! We were standing in line to check out and the tape player was sitting on one of the desks and a lady walked up and looked at it in aw and was like "Wow- that's really neat! What is it?!" I was undecided whether she was kidding or serious and I told her "It's a tapeplayer... there's tons over there..." "WOW! How much is it?!" "Umm.. a dollar..." "Oh wow!" lol. That was kinda funny. They ended up selling all the stuff to us for $80.. which is awesome when each projector was supposed to be 15. What do we need with 4 projectors? Nothing- we bought one and we had a list of things that other random people wanted :)

We came home and guess who came to our door?... Try again... Okay okay, A GIRL SCOUT!! That's right ladies and gentleman, it's girl scout cookies season!!! In February I will be a proud owner of a box of thin mints :) It just stinks that now I have to wait a whole like 3 weeks! That's was our exciting weekend :)

OH! And to answer the most asked question in 2009... Nope, no baby yet.


Stormy said...

Only ONE box of thin mints! come on! you have to get more than that! :) Hey, have you had your baby yet?? muahhaha! jk! I can't wait for you to have her though!

Kyle & Alli said...

ha ha okay okay maybe I was trying to be good... we got 2 boxes of thin mints and maybe a box of tagalongs :) It's for a good cause... lol