Tuesday, January 6, 2009

No Zeus Pictures Today

Well today I have three pics and not one has Zeus, crazy I know.

Today was the first day students came back from break.

Also, today Alli had another doctors appointment so we had to take a picure of Alli's favorite part of her visits... the fish tank of course. :)

And if you are near a Native New Yorker on a Tuesday I think its law that you have to stop. :) No Brent it's not as good as the original in Buffalo but still very tasty!

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1 comment:

Carbonneau said...

there must be no change if we didn't get an update!!! weekly appointments can be so frustrating if there is no change... and stop teasing the pregnant ladies with those awesome buffalo wings. lol I think I might have to get some. :) Chris will not object. or at least he knows better to not to. ;)